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When Students at a North Carolina High School Were Asked About Immigration, They Created These Signs

How would you feel if you saw these signs posted in a school hallway?WLOS-700x700

Photo Credit: WLOS ABC 13 / Facebook

That’s what several students and faculty members were asking after the student-made signs were displayed at Erwin High School in Asheville, North Carolina.

Sydney Dandreaa, a student at Erwin High, posted the photos to the Facebook page of local news station WLOS ABC 13.

Credit: WLOS ABC 13 / Facebook

Dandreaa was worried that she would get in trouble for speaking out:

Credit: WLOS ABC 13 / Facebook

She wasn’t alone, though. Once word got out on social media, people were PISSED.

Credit: WLOS ABC 13 / Facebook

So what’s the deal? Why were the signs posted?

The signs went up after a civics class discussion about immigration.

Credit: WLOS ABC 13

According to WLOS ABC 13, a teacher asked students to write out their opinions about immigration on signs and bumper stickers. When the assignment was complete, the signs and bumper stickers were displayed in a hallway, visible to other students and staff.

BTW, there’s a Native American statue in front of Erwin High. Their mascot? The Warriors.

Credit: WLOS ABC 13

After Dandreaa’s Facebook post, several students, family members, staff, and even alumni complained to school officials.illegals-home

Credit: WLOS ABC 13

Many felt that personal opinions were something to be discussed, not displayed on signs visible to everyone. According to WLOS ABC 13, the signs were removed and school administrations agreed to hold a meeting to discuss the incident.

Jashua Ramirez, a former student at Erwin, told WLOS ABC 13 why the signs sparked such outrage:

Credit: WLOS ABC 13

“We are members of this community… this is our home. Erwin is my home.”

How would you feel about a teacher displaying student opinions on public signs? Share on Facebook and let us know!

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