When a Manager Bullies His Undocumented Employee, Tempers Soar


CREDIT: ABC / mrduckbears24 / YouTube

Working Hard for the Money

Every day, thousands of employers take advantage of undocumented immigrants who often work grueling hours for very little pay. Many of these immigrants feel they cannot speak up against ‘the man’ for fear of retaliation, or worse – being turned in to authorities and getting deported.

The video above tests the waters with several patrons at a restaurant over this dividing issue. We couldn’t help but cringe as we gingerly pressed the ‘play’ button. What would people say? Would they stand their ground and defend an unknown person’s basic human rights, or would they turn the other way?

What happens might surprise you. Let’s just say, we were giving virtual high-fives and holding back some major waterworks.

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