What Would it Look Like if Presidential Candidates had Private Snapchats?

Several presidential candidates have embraced technology and are posting on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. But those are usually sterile, politically correct (?) accounts that rarely post anything juicy. Ever wonder what it would be like if the candidates had private Snapchats that we didn’t know about? Guess no more.

Hillary Clinton would high-key brag about being a fashion icon:

Credit: mitú / Hillary Clinton / Facebook

Martin O’Malley would try to prove to everyone he has stuff to say:

Credit: mitú / Martin O’Malley / Facebook

Ben Carson would be teaching his ninja sleeping skills:

Credit: mitú / Dr. Ben Carson / Facebook

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You would see Bernie Sanders showcasing his inner shade queen:

Credit: mitú / Bernie Sanders / Facebook

Donald Trump would make sure you knew his pre-debate strategy:

Credit: mitú / Donald J. Trump / Facebook

It would still be all about the food jokes with Chris Christie:

Credit: mitú / Chris Christie / Facebook

Jeb Bush would keep proving he’s just not aware:

Credit: mitú / Jeb Bush / Facebook

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There would be so much truth coming from the Marco Rubio camp:

Credit: mitú / Marco Rubio / Facebook

Carly Fiorina would let everyone know how much she’s KILLING IT:

Credit: mitú / Carly Fiorina / Facebook

We could all watch Ted Cruz try to change the laws to be president:

Credit: mitú / Ted Cruz / Facebook

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Rand Paul would always have the last word against Trump:

Credit: mitú / Rand Paul / Facebook

All of John Kasich’s hobbies would be on display:

Credit: mitú / John Kasich / Facebook

And Mike Huckabee would prove he just doesn’t get youth culture:

Credit: mitú / Mike Huckabee / Facebook

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