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What Cubans Are About to Discover with Wi-Fi


A cultural center in Havana has finally rolled out access to Cuba’s first free, public Wi-Fi and, as you’d imagine, hundreds are flocking to discover this “Internet” thing. We can’t imagine spending a day, let alone a lifetime, without the amazing sh*t we get from the Web. Although it’s only the beginning, and Cuba’s Wi-Fi may move at the speed of a herd of turtles, it’s life changing. Here’s how…

Binge-watching on Weekends


What were weekends like before we were able to binge watch our favorite sitcoms and dramas on Netflix? Can’t remember. Cubans will now know what it’s like to come out of “Orange Is the New Black” fog on Monday.

Get on the Right Path


Thank the tech gods for all the navigation apps. We’d be lost without them. Literally. Pretty soon Cubans will be able to use similar apps to plan road trips from Sandino to Cajobabo while getting live traffic updates.

Attend Virtual Family Reunions


Nowadays we use Skype and FaceTime for everything from witnessing weddings to attending a job interview 300 miles away. Cubans will no longer be able to skip family reunions regardless of distance. It’s a blessing and a curse.

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Check El Feis

#FBBirthday wishes to my sissy!!! #BirthdayGirl ????????

A photo posted by Breanna Michelle “Breezy” (@simplybre_thatsit) on

If there’s something that makes us feel complete and connected, it’s FB. We depend on it to get updates from friends and even breaking news. Cubans will be equally as thankful when they realize what a lifesaver it is when it comes to birthdays.

#OOTD. Need I say more?


Thankfully Instagram came around to let us filter out all the Facebook noise while still letting us browse pretty pictures. Best of all, we were introduced to life-changing hashtags like #OOTD, #FoodPorn and, of course, #NoFilter. We can’t wait to see what inspiration we draw from their outfits.

Stay in Tune


Beyoncé started a trend among musicians when she dropped her secret album online and, unless you’re streaming or downloading your music online, your playlists are probably outdated. Cubans will never miss another beat now that they’ll have access to unlimited digital music.

Get in on the Disappearing Act

#OliviaCulpo via #Snapchat (oliviaculpo) A photo posted by Olivia Culpo World (@oliviaculpoworld) on

Snapchat stories are the new Facebook timelines. These snaps are a simple way to let your friends know everything you’re up to without having hundreds of random selfies stored in your phone. Let’s just hope someone warns Cubans not all snaps disappear…

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Check Cash Flow


Cubans don’t have instant access to check their bank balance like we do. Pretty soon they’ll be able to review their accounts any time they’re in doubt.

Instant Updates


With access to Twitter, Cubans will be up to speed with all news; from hurricanes to escaping llamas, presidential runs to Selena Gomez’s new BF. They’ll be in the know next time someone tries to break the internet and, more importantly, when a famous redhead visits to teach the latest dance craze.

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