We’re Not Sure What’s More Tasteless: This “Mexican” Restaurant’s Food Or Their Advertising

A Mexican-themed restaurant in South Bend, Ind., is facing criticism over its latest billboard.

“We don’t intend to upset anybody. But we do use humor, and when you use humor, there’s going to be some groups who are going to be particularly sensitive to certain things,” Jeff Leslie told reporters.

Credit: Newsy / YouTube

Jeff makes a solid point. Humor is one of those things that will always offend someone, no matter how hard you try to please everyone. However, this is coming from the company that once released this humorous billboard, which was uncensored at the time:

We’re Like A Cult With Better Kool-Aid

Here’s the real problem with Hacienda’s latest billboard: I GUARANTEE you that a Mexican restaurant in South Bend, Ind., isn’t offering up the best Mexican food on any side of any wall.

Here’s what a real Mexican food billboard looks like.

If you feel like letting Hacienda know how you feel, Sam Centellas has a solution for you here:

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