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We’re Not Sure What’s More Tasteless: This “Mexican” Restaurant’s Food Or Their Advertising

Credit: @SamSpeakerGuy / Twitter

A Mexican-themed restaurant in South Bend, Ind., is facing criticism over its latest billboard.

Criticism stems from Hacienda Mexican Restaurant’s use of the word “wall” in its latest billboard advertising campaign, which many see as glorifying the intolerant rhetoric of Donald Trump.

“We don’t intend to upset anybody. But we do use humor, and when you use humor, there’s going to be some groups who are going to be particularly sensitive to certain things,” Jeff Leslie told reporters.

Credit: Newsy / YouTube

Jeff makes a solid point. Humor is one of those things that will always offend someone, no matter how hard you try to please everyone. However, this is coming from the company that once released this humorous billboard, which was uncensored at the time:

We’re Like A Cult With Better Kool-Aid

The billboard, which used the Jonestown mass-suicide as a starting point, was met with such resistance that the company agreed to pull it only two weeks into the promotion. At that time, Jeff Leslie told reporters, “We have a responsibility to (advertise) with care, and that’s why we’re pulling this ad. We made a mistake and don’t want to have a negative image in the community.” It remains to be seen how Hacienda will respond to the negativity of their latest billboard, but there’s an even bigger issue going on here.

Here’s the real problem with Hacienda’s latest billboard: I GUARANTEE you that a Mexican restaurant in South Bend, Ind., isn’t offering up the best Mexican food on any side of any wall.

That’s not to say the food isn’t good for what it is, and admittedly, I’ve never eaten at the Hacienda, but I’m probably completely right. And I know this because great Mexican food doesn’t waste its money on fancy billboards.

Here’s what a real Mexican food billboard looks like.

Classic Austin scene.

A photo posted by mrdougpowell (@mrdougpowell) on

This is a legit sign.

If you feel like letting Hacienda know how you feel, Sam Centellas has a solution for you here:

“Imagine you’re a Latino working for this company. How do you feel going to work? I couldn’t imagine seeing my employer put something like that up and having to go to work on Monday,” Centellas told the South Bend Tribune.

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Meet The Genius Behind These Playfully Creative Photos


Meet The Genius Behind These Playfully Creative Photos

Toninho Euzebio / Instagram

For many people, sightseeing means nothing more than pointing a camera and taking a picture. For Brazilian Toninho Euzebio, the process is way more involved.

Credit: Teuzebio / Instagram

Over the last several years, the artist has spent his time reimagining several of Brazil’s most notable landmarks through a combination of photography and art.

“In the case of buildings, the first thing I try to do is to study a little of its history and perhaps from there comes an idea,” Toninho told CNN.

Some photos are playful combinations of beautiful architecture and silly cartoons.

Other times, his work goes after, well, low-hanging fruit.

No, seriously, low hanging fruit.

Whatever his target, Toninho shows us things the average tourist in Brazil will never see.

“I try to work with whatever is there. (It) can be a statue, a trash can, a tree, well, anything,” Toninho told CNN.

Thankfully, Toninho Euzebio has been gracious enough to catalogue the creation of his artwork on Instagram, which you can check out here.

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