We Might Be Getting A Latino “Sons Of Anarchy” Spinoff

The creator of “Sons Of Anarchy” hopes to bring the Mayans MC story to TV.

“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter recently appeared on the “100% Honest Pretty Much…” podcast to talk about the future of “Sons Of Anarchy.” He talked about the possibility of a spinoff dedicated to Mayans MC, the rivals of the Sons Of Anarchy Motorcycle Club. Emilio Rivera, who plays Mayans leader Marcus Alvarez, is set to appear on the show but will not be the central character. Instead, the show follows a character named EZ who joins the Mayans and must pay his dues.

Sutter also says he wants to do more than just create a show for Latino “Sons Of Anarchy” fans — he wants the show to be run by Latinos. “I’ll direct the pilot and my plan is … to honor the mythology a lot of talented people spent seven years creating, so that we transition from that mythology into this new mythology,” Sutter told Arnold. “And my hope is to hire a creative team that is based in that culture.”

Sutter says he would like to help launch and steer the show but eventually give creative control to a staff of Latinos.

Credit: FX

“Ultimately my plan would be, probably, if we are lucky enough to continue, that I would co-run the first season with someone and then hand off the show to someone and then hand off the show to a primarily creative team of people of color,” said Sutter.

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