Watch: Vicente Fox Unleashes All Of Our Collective Anger On Donald Trump Piñata

Credit: Mexico Informado/YouTube

If only it was really him.

Man, Vicente Fox has really found his post-presidency calling, huh? It’s no secret that the former Mexican president has a certain distaste for Donald Trump. There was that time where he pretty much responded to Trump’s claim that Mexico would pay for his border wall with a “¡Este pendejo ese güey!” type of answer. Then, there was that time he went on Chelsea Handler’s show to talk more smack about the GOP presidential candidate. Now we can add to that list Fox taking his anger out on a Trump piñata during an interview for popular Spanish radio show “El Show de Piolin.” And you know what? We’re all about it. Of course, it’s not the same as us hitting that piñata, but it’s still kind of cathartic. It probably has to do with the level of contempt noticeable in Fox’s body language. I mean, the dude didn’t even wait for the stick, he just straight up started punching Trump’s face like a baller.

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