This Latina Comedian’s J.Lo Impression Is Spot On

Meet Melissa Villaseñor, a super talented comedian and actor based in Los Angeles.


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You may remember her from “America’s Got Talent,” where her spot-on impressions of celebs such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears made her a fan favorite.

Credit: America’s Got Talent / YouTube

Since her appearance on the show, Villaseñor has continued to develop voice impressions, including a scary-good impression of Jennifer Lopez.

Credit: Warner Bros.
CREDIT: Credit: Selena / Warner Bros.

It’s true. She recently took to Snapchat to show it off. Here, she imagines what kind of conversations J.Lo has with ex-husband Marc Anthony.

more J-Lo for ya!

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Side note: the reason she looks so much like J.Lo is because she’s using Snapchat’s face swap filter.

Here’s “J.Lo” talking about her birthday cake…

… and how difficult it was to blow out her candles.

This is J.Lo listening to Villaseñor’s impression, wondering how science was able to clone her:

Credit: American Idol / Fox
CREDIT: Credit: American Idol / Fox

Everyone, please give Ms. Villaseñor a hand…

Credit: UFC

And please, more J.Lo impressions!

Credit: Comedy Central
CREDIT: Credit: Comedy Central

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