This Guy Took On A Costa Rican Bullet Ant And Lost Big Time

The bullet ant, which is typically found in the rainforests of Nicaragua, as well as Costa Rica and Honduras, is infamous for having the world’s most painful insect sting. Victims of the inch-long bullet ant’s viciousness compare the intense pain to being shot, which is exactly why the insect got its name. Along with the sting comes an extremely potent venom, which means the victim can experience horrendous pain for up to 24 hours. This is why the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, a measure of the strongest insect stings, ranks the bullet ant as number one in the world when it comes to inflicting pain.

And the insanely powerful venom is exactly why this idiot decided to let a bullet ant sting him. 


While the average person might not consider subjecting themselves to insanely painful stings and bites, Coyote Peterson — yes, that’s his real name — has built quite the following on YouTube doing just that. Over the last few years, Coyote’s YouTube channel has collected over 4 million subscribers, each one wanting to see what kind of pain he’ll inflict on himself. For his bullet ant episode, Coyote traveled all the way to the Costa Rican rainforests to see if the bullet ant’s reputation lived up to the hype. And as you can see from the video below, a single sting brought howls of paint from Coyote. Now imagine what would happen if more than one of these things came after you.

Watch the video below (sting occurs at the 13:00 mark).


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