This Dog Has Killer Dance Moves, CAN NOT Be Missed

Need something to help you make it through the day? Why not watch this adorable perrito totally school this kid in the most epic dance off the Internet has ever seen.

At first, the perrito was hesitant to show off his dance skills.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Boy: I challenge you.

Dog: I don’t know… OK, bro. Hope you’re ready to lose.

And once he started, he just could not and would not stop.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Someone is clearly a fan of Shakira. ?

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No matter what the kid threw at him, the pup was ready to come back…strong.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Dog: You mad, bro?

Kid: ?

The pooch even upstaged the dancing kid with a couple well timed hair flips.

Credit: Purett / Facebook


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And at the end, the puppy reigned supreme and the boy gracefully bowed out, defeated by his four-legged dance buddy.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Ya, the other 690,000 (and counting) people that have viewed the video on Facebook are also applauding this little dancing pooch.

 Watch the full dance off below:

Ya wa speeed…….Take win!!!

Posted by PureTT on Friday, February 5, 2016

Credit: Purett / Facebook

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