This Dog Has Killer Dance Moves, CAN NOT Be Missed

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Need something to help you make it through the day? Why not watch this adorable perrito totally school this kid in the most epic dance off the Internet has ever seen.

At first, the perrito was hesitant to show off his dance skills.

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Boy: I challenge you.

Dog: I don’t know… OK, bro. Hope you’re ready to lose.

And once he started, he just could not and would not stop.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Someone is clearly a fan of Shakira. ?

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No matter what the kid threw at him, the pup was ready to come back…strong.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Dog: You mad, bro?

Kid: ?

The pooch even upstaged the dancing kid with a couple well timed hair flips.

Credit: Purett / Facebook


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And at the end, the puppy reigned supreme and the boy gracefully bowed out, defeated by his four-legged dance buddy.

Credit: Purett / Facebook

Ya, the other 690,000 (and counting) people that have viewed the video on Facebook are also applauding this little dancing pooch.

 Watch the full dance off below:

Ya wa speeed…….Take win!!!

Posted by PureTT on Friday, February 5, 2016

Credit: Purett / Facebook

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Mexican Designer Ricardo Seco Is Harnessing The Power Of The Sarape To Give Fashion New Life


Mexican Designer Ricardo Seco Is Harnessing The Power Of The Sarape To Give Fashion New Life

Credit: Ricardo Seco / Punlimetro

This is what happens when Mexican culture, American politics and fashion collide. Prepare yourself, you will have plenty of thoughts about it.

Fashion designer Ricardo Seco is giving the sarape a new place in fashion: New York Men’s Fashion Week.

Seco, who is self-taught, is a highly regarded fashion designer in Mexico and he’s been making a splash in the U.S.

His creativity and the love of his native cultural has produced several colorful works of wearable art.

You might remember Seco from his Huichol-inspired line of New Balance sneakers.


And now he’s re-interpreting the traditional sarape.


Seco says he wants to bring traditional Mexican styles and colors to a broader audience.

“I think that it is time that the people of New York recognizes my work and it’s time to share more about my country,” Seco told Latin Post.

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To give his “Time” collection a unique feel, Seco decided to give sarapes a modern update.

He takes the vibrant colors and patterns of sarapes and pairs it with black clothes to give it an extra pop.

Adapting and showing his culture is central to Seco’s designs.

“It is one of the most important aspects of my brand,” Seco told Latin Post about using Mexican culture in his designs. “I talk about tradition with innovation. The tradition is the sarape and I made it new.”

This line has more than just sarapes to showcase Mexican culture. Seco also used Speedy Gonzales in his apparel.

You know, this dude.

Credit: Warner Bros. / Speedy Gonzales / jpoxxed / Tumblr

Seco’s idea to use Speedy Gonzales will definitely turn heads, as the cartoon mouse has been criticized by some in the U.S. for being a negative stereotype of Mexicans.

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And it isn’t a political, Mexican-inspired fashion line without Donald Trump making an appearance.

Credit: @secoricardo / Instagram

One of the T-shirts displayed features a caricature of Donald Trump with the caption, “I’m México. Who is Trump?”

Check out his line below:

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