Watch the Tense Trailer for ‘Embrace of the Serpent,’ Colombia’s Oscar-Nominated Film

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“You brought the devil to the community!”

What happens when the land you called home has been pillaged by colonialists? And what happens when you’re the last one left? Here’s your answer

Embrace of the Serpent follows Karamakate, a shaman from the Amazon who is the last survivor of his indigenous tribe. In 1909, after becoming friends with a German scientist-explorer named Theodor Koch-Grunberg, the two set off in search of Yakruna, a rare psychedelic plant. Years later, Karamakate takes American scientist Richard Evans Schultes on a similar search.

Embrace of the Serpent, an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language film, follows the parallel stories of Karamakate’s journeys with Koch-Grunberg and Evans Schultes.

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2-Legged Vato Finds 3-Legged Puppy, Falls in Love


2-Legged Vato Finds 3-Legged Puppy, Falls in Love

Credit: @fetching.sherlock / Instagram

Richard Maldonado is a tough looking dude on a mission to save abandoned dogs and cats. So far in 2016, he’s pulled off an adorable and heartwarming rescue of this little puppy.

Everybody, say hola to Sherlock.


This little English bulldog puppy is blowing up social media right now thanks to an unexpected rescue by the people at Fetching Fidos Dog Rescue.

Sherlock was recently rescued by this Richard Maldonado, aka @lilshyboy661.

Is he dreamy because of the dog rescue, the lighting, or both? You decide.

On Jan. 4, Richard Maldonado was told there was a pup in need of help and he responded.


“We didn’t know for sure if he was a bulldog until we got there,” Maldonado told we are mitú. In fact, all Maldonado and his team knew was there was dog that had been found in a dumpster behind a restaurant.

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It wasn’t until Maldonado arrived at the scene that he learned that one of the pup’s legs was torn, or maybe chewed.


“It was a surprise,” Maldonado said. “When I got there the people who found him said he was missing a leg and they said, ‘We’re not sure you want to take him.'”

Credit: Gremlins / Warner Bros. / itsallabitfuzzy / Tumblr

Pobrecito. The infection was so bad that they have to wait for it to heal before they can amputate what is left of his leg.

But don’t get too sad! Little dude is still full of life and spirit despite having to live at the vet’s office since being rescued. #makingthebestofit


“He is doing very well,” Maldonado said about Sherlock’s recovery. “He’s infection is much better.”

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And it seems like Sherlock is winning over hearts everywhere he goes.

Credit: Courtesy of Richard Maldonado

Who WOULDN’T want to adopt this little guy?

So, are Maldonado and Fetching Fidos Dog Rescue going to keep little Sherlock?


“I’ve grown really attached to him,” Maldonado said about Sherlock’s future. “He’ll need a lot of special and medical attention, so it’ll be a few months before we know if he can be adopted or if we are going to keep him.”

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So. Frickin’. Cute. Would you want to let him go?

Credit: Courtesy of Richard Maldonado

Didn’t think so.

Way to go Maldonado! Sherlock is one lucky pup.

Credit: Steve Harvey / CBS / Steve Harvey TV / Giphy

We all wish him a speedy and safe recovery.

Isn’t Sherlock just the cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen? Share this story with your friends and remember to call animal rescues like Fetching Fidos Dog Rescue if you see a fur baby in need.

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