Watch: Seth Meyers Rips Donald Trump A New One For His Ties To White Supremacists

Credit: Late Night With Seth Meyers/NBC/YouTube

“If you write in ‘crazy person’ on your ballot, it counts for Trump.”

Leave it to Seth Meyers, a comedian who spent many years being a fake newscaster on “Saturday Night Live” to finally report on Donald Trump’s troubling relationship with white nationalists. Donald Trump has attracted all kinds of racist crazies out of the woodwork, including William Johnson, whose poor little white supremacist heart was crushed when he was disinvited from being a Trump delegate at the Republican National Convention.

This is a good opportunity to bring back this video of the time Meyers trolled Trump.

Credit: SuchIsLifeVideos/YouTube

This, of course, isn’t the first time that Meyers has gone H.A.M. on the GOP frontrunner. Back in 2011, Meyers was the performer at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, and Trump was in the political news cycle because he kept demanding that President Obama release his birth certificate. (Obama, of course, eventually did release it, which is more than you can say about Trump, who’s refusing to release his tax returns. But we’re not going to get into that.) Meyers commented that a Trump presidency would be the most absurd thing ever. Now, to quote The Smiths, that joke isn’t funny anymore. It’s too close to home and too near the bone.

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12 Things Only Latinos Who Never Learned Spanish Will Understand


12 Things Only Latinos Who Never Learned Spanish Will Understand

Dora The Explorer / Nickelodeon / Omar Villegas/Mitu

Everyone assumes I speak Spanish. It’s not an unfair assumption to make. After all, my skin is brown and I did grow up in Texas. What most people don’t know, however, is that I’m a third generation Latino. At least once a week, someone starts a conversation with me entirely in Spanish. I listen politely, waiting for an opportunity to explain that I am a traitor. I’ve spent the majority of my life satisfying diversity requirements for colleges and commercial roles. But I cannot speak Spanish. If you’re like me, you might be able to relate to the following.

I have brown skin, but I can’t speak Spanish.

Coconuts are as delicious as they are relatable.

Most of the Spanish I know I learned from watching “The Simpsons.”

I also learned everything I know about bumblebees from “The Simpsons.”

I can understand simple words, but never with any confidence.

This is yet another reason I need to wear adult diapers when I leave the house.

I hate how dumb I look when someone speaks to me in Spanish.


I’ve contemplated playing dead just to get out of a conversation.

And when I read from the menu at a Mexican restaurant, everyone around gives me this look.

Oprah GIfry

I butcher Spanish worse than the inquisition.

Then the waiter brings exactly what I ordered:

Macaroni Tacos

I’ll just eat my words instead.

There was that time I lied to my girlfriend’s parents. I told them I was Persian so they wouldn’t be disappointed in my lack of Spanish.

Unfortunately, they were both also fluent in Farsi and quickly realized I was not good enough for their daughter.

Then there was that time I lied about being bilingual in a job application. I thought I’d make more money. I didn’t think anyone would fact check me.


When the interviewer began speaking in Spanish, I knew I was in trouble.

I set my phone to Spanish in an attempt to learn some basic words.


Siri’s Spanish skills were so intimidating, I reset my phone to factory settings.

I would like to read the great authors in their original language. García Márquez! Esquivel! Paz! Rowling?


This seems like it’ll be easy.

After the first paragraph, I know I’m losing something in the translation.


I’ll stick to something less complicated than a young adult book.

My friend recommended I get back to basics if I really want to learn.


Okay, I had no idea what was happening and felt like I was on acid.

Alright, I’m going to speak the little Spanish I know and get started on learning more tomorrow.

Drinking is a universal language. Margarita, por favor!

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Have you felt shame over your lack of Spanish? Mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.