Watch Lionel Messi Score An ‘Impossible’ Goal During Training

It’s no secret that Argentina’s Lionel Messi is one of the most talented footballers on the planet.

The scariest part? He makes it all look so effortless.

During a recent FC Barcelona training session, Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti stopped by to kick the ball around with Messi and his teammates.

After his not-so-great juggling, it appears Ramazzotti’s pride was slightly bruised. So he challenged Messi to score from BEHIND THE GOAL.

Ramazzotti kicked the ball towards Messi, essentially telling him, “Show me what you’ve got, pal.”

Messi was like, “OK, no biggie.”


After his incredible goal, Messi posed for photos with Ramazzotti, grinning ear to ear. He was probably thinking, “That’s what happens when you poke the bear.”

Credit: FC Barcelona / YouTube

Ramazzotti didn’t look as excited.

Watch the full video:

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