Watch How This Kid Hilariously Beat Having His Name Whitewashed

Credit: Story Corp / YouTube

Take a minute out of your day to watch the heartwarming tale of Facundo the Great.

Facundo the Great, narrated by Ramón “Chunky” Sanchez, is a heartwarming example of the struggle Latinos face to keep their identity in the face of Americanization. Ramón attended elementary school in the 1950s, and his name was changed to “Raymond.” Similar whitewashing happened to Maria and Juanita, who became Mary and Jane. Then one day, Facundo the Great showed up at school and changed the rules of the game.

The story unfolds in a swift and hilarious manner, highlighted by Ramón’s narration. His voice is so warm and familiar that you feel like you know the guy. And chances are, you probably do. No matter what background you come from, Ramón’s story is all of ours, and it’s inspiring to get a glimpse into his compassionate point of view. Ramón stays away from pointing any fingers at the teachers or students at his school and instead uses his time to highlight the hero Facundo, who in the end saved everyone with his wonderful name.

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