Watch David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz Go Undercover To Trick Fans (And Sh*t-Talk NYC)

Credit: Lyft / YouTube

Dominican-born baseball player David “Big Papi” Ortiz seems like a pretty chill guy overall, and he’s good at everything from baseballing (I am 3,000% sure that’s the correct term) to making Vintage Papi wine to going undercover in a Lyft.

Papi gave plenty of hints about his true identity to his passengers, including performing his “superstitious” routine for good luck:

Credit: Lyft

Other highlights included Papi shit-talking New Yorkers (lol ok, Boston), and a passenger admitting that the only way she could watch the Red Sox (Big Papi’s team) is drunk. I feel you, girl:

Credit: Lyft

The big reveal was done in the cutest way possible. One passenger shared that David Ortiz is her favorite player, that she’s bummed he’s retiring this year, and has all his shirts. “Actually, all of my shirts are his shirts,” Big Papi told her, right before revealing his true identity:

Credit: Lyft

Let’s zoom in on this moment of pure delight:

Credit: Lyft / mitú

Aw, yay!

Get it, Papi!

Credit: Lyft

Would you have recognized him? 

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