Bill O’Reilly Asked Jorge Ramos If Supporting Donald Trump’s Wall Plan Makes Him Racist

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Jorge Ramos was recently on Bill O’Reilly to promote his book “Take A Stand: Lessons From Rebels.” So, what did O’Reilly want to talk about? Donald Trump. Not only does O’Reilly claim, once again, that he doesn’t know what racism is, but he also painted himself as one of Trump’s defenders. O’Reilly, maybe it’s time for you to chill out, “mi amigo.”

Bill O’Reilly was quick out of the gate, throwing unneeded shade when introducing Jorge Ramos.

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His exact quote, as his lips curled into a smile is, “The network Univision reaches millions of Spanish-speaking Americans and its primary anchor, Jorge Ramos, was actually ejected from a Donald Trump rally a few months ago. You may remember that.”

After that, it was game on.

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And Ramos came to play, honey!

Right after the intro, and before Ramos said a word, O’Reilly questioned Univision’s ability to “report fairly.”

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Remember, this is coming from a guy who works for FOX NEWS. For context, Politifact claims that 29 percent of the statements made recently on Fox News are false. Twenty percent are mainly false and 9 percent are pants on fire. Let that sink in.

But, that’s cool because Ramos shut him down quickly and interrupted him with this statement.

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O’Reilly then asked if Ramos and Univision could cover Trump’s campaign fairly since they have been so tough on him calling him “racist.” He said that Trump being a “racist” is Ramos’s subjective opinion. He continued says the reason Latinos have such a negative view of Trump is because of Univision and Ramos “demonizing him as a racist.”

Ramos responded in the best way possible.

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Told you Ramos was here to play.

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But the most memorable and telling moment of the whole interview was about that damn wall. OReillyRacist

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Spoiler Alert: O’Reilly is in favor of a wall to keep drugs out of the US…

Every Latino ever was like:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.38.16 PM

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If you have to ask…

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Watch the full exchange below:

Credit: youtube / YouTube / The O’Reilly Factor / Fox News

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13 Ways Mexicans Prevented Home Burglaries


13 Ways Mexicans Prevented Home Burglaries

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So you don’t want to get robbed, but you’re too cheap to buy a security system. Well, here are some creative ways to make sure you keep those ratas out.

Plant nopales inside your walls.

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They might get over the wall, but they’ll regret it instantly.

Buy resorteras for all your kids.

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You’re probably gonna need new windows though.

Hire a velador to watch over your stuff.

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You can trust Don Gaspar… to fall asleep every night.

Get a “Beware of Dog” sign.

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Maybe it’ll boost her confidence. Maybe.

Make sure you have the biggest chismosa as your neighbor.


She’ll stop any burglar in his tracks… and tell him all your secrets.

Hang saints and crucifixes all over your house.

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It might not stop them from robbing you, but at least they’ll feel really guilty about it.

If you don’t have barbwire, make your own.

Broken Glass
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It works because they’ll immediately know how broke you are.

Put up a Donald Trump sign.


Cause nobody fucks with the crazies.

Put a cut-out of Vicente Fernández on your front porch.

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It’ll bring all the burglars to their knees outside your house.

Blast “La Macarena” on repeat.

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Día de #FlashBack y lo hacemos con la memorable canción "La Macarena", tema compuesto por Los del Río, incluido en el album "A mí me gusta" de 1994 y supuso un éxito internacional en 1995, 1996 y 1997, y continúa teniendo un seguimiento de culto. Es considerada como una de las canciones más emblemáticas de la música de baile de 1990. La canción se ubica en el puesto número 7 en el Billboard Top 100, en el puesto número 1 Latin Songs de Billboard y además es la canción dance de Billboard y una de las seis canciones en idiomas extranjeros que ocupa la posición Nro. 1 desde que comenzó la Era Moderna del Rock de 1955. #Entretenimiento #history #music #song #LaMacarena #LosDelRio #Recuerdos #VitaminaG

A post shared by V I T A M I N A • G (@vitaminagoficial) on

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Trust me, it’s torture. I mean sure, it’s fun… for like a minute… when you’re 12… in the 90s.

Hire a Curandera to get rid of evil spirits.

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She’ll get rid of all the malas vibras… and your place will smell like sage.

Get a Chupacabra.

Evil cartoon chupacabra. Vector clip art illustration with simple gradients. All in a single layer.

Oh wait, never mind, this thing only scares goats… and isn’t real.

Add more frijoles to your diet.


The nuclear option. This will keep EVERYONE out. Nice knowing’ ya!

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Well, there you go, you’re all taken care of. What else would you do to keep your place safe? Let us know in the comments below!

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