It’s All about the Color Purple in Venezuela, Find Out Why this is Super Important

Yo! In case you missed it, Venezuela’s ruling party just lost…BIG time. Venezuelans cannot contain their excitement. A women-led coalition of Venezuelans wanted change and that is exactly what they got. Viva Venezuela!

For the first time in 16 years, Venezuelans finally told the United Social Party of Venezuela (PSUV) just what they thought of their leadership.

Last night, Venezuelans overwhelmingly voted to drastically change the course of their country.

Júbilo, esperanza, optimismo, cambio! Felicidades a los millones de venezolanos que votaron, y en especial a los testigos que defendieron los votos. Hace exactamente 17 ganó Hugo Chávez, cuánta lucha, cuánta resistencia y cuánta constancia para conquistar esta elección. Asumimos esta victoria con humildad, compromiso y responsabilidad! No podemos defraudar a todo un país. Como Alcalde pido a los nuevos diputados luchar por la descentralización y que nos devuelvan nuestras competencias originales. También, tengamos muy presentes a Leopoldo, Daniel, Antonio y estudiantes para su libertad y el regreso de los exiliados. A seguir trabajando! Ahora es cuando hay compromiso con el país. Gracias Venezuela! #AlcaldeSmolansky #EleccionesParlamentarias #6D #ElHatillo #Caracas #Miranda #Venezuela #Democracia #Libertad #Cambio #Unidad

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Why did so many Venezuelans vote to change the ruling party? The economy.

Basically, 76 percent of Venezuelans are living in poverty and they have had enough.

Enter Lilian Tintori, a feisty and dedicated Venezuelan who became the face of the opposition.

Social media was flooded with support for the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) via purple dyed pinkies…seriously. #countrygoals


People are over the moon with the results with Venezuelans celebrating all over the country today in true Latino fashion.

Like, seriously. Venezuela is showing NO chill about the victory.

Venezuelans have proven to their government that they want change and they are done standing still.

Venezuelans all over the world are rejoicing the news.

Venezuelans seeking democracy still know there is a long way to go.

After all, it takes time to undo 16 years of the same thing.

Basically: Ronda Rousey = PSVU and Holly Holms = MUD.

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El Salvador’s Election Leads To Landslide Win For The President’s New Political Party

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El Salvador’s Election Leads To Landslide Win For The President’s New Political Party

El Salvador has held its midterm elections two years into the term of President Nayib Bukele and the president has been handed a major victory. Although Bukele’s name was not on the ballot, Nuevas Ideas candidates relied on their connection to the conservative president, and his image was plastered on campaign posters around the country.

The strong showing for Nuevas Ideas came despite allegations of voting fraud from Bukele and other party members. While, international commmentators point out that with his new supermajority, there are very few checks on Bukele’s power.

President Bukele’s Nuevas Ideas party wins a supermajority during midterm elections.

In what many are calling a first test for President Bukele’s Nuevas Ideas political party, the midterm elections delivered a landslide victory to the president and his party. With more than half the votes counted, the president’s party won a supermajority of at least 61 out of 84 seats in the country’s Legislative Assembly.

The midterm elections have completely upended the traditional political system that has existed in the country since the 1994 peace agreement. Not once has a single party had such a major victory. These elections also represent the collapse of the two-party system that has governed El Salvador for more than 25 years.

With the added votes of the GANA party, a small party that has pledged loyalty to the president, supporters of Bukele will control over 70% of the legislature, effectively removing all limits on the 39-year-old president’s ability to implement his agenda.

The election results remove any checks the authoritative president once faced.

Bukele will become the country’s most powerful leader in decades following these results, which is causing alarm among administration officials in Washington. Joe Biden’s administration has already voiced “worries” over Bukele’s tactics. These have included disobeying supreme court rulings and sending troops into the national assembly to coerce legislators into approving his spending plans.

Even before official results were in, the 39-year-old president, an ally of former US president Donald Trump, tweeted “VICTORY” over images of fireworks.

Bukele’s harsh crackdown on gang violence and his adept social media campaigns against corruption and traditional politics have made him popular with Salvadorans who are tired of endemic violence in one of the world’s most crime-ridden countries.

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Democratic Senators Introduce Legislation to Grant Venezuelan Migrants Temporary Protected Status, Prevent Deportation

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Democratic Senators Introduce Legislation to Grant Venezuelan Migrants Temporary Protected Status, Prevent Deportation

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After years of living in a state of uncertainty about their future, Venezuelan refugees in the U.S. might finally be granted long-term protection by the U.S. government.

On Monday, Democratic senators took the official steps towards granting Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Venezuelan migrants in the U.S.

A similar resolution passed in the House in 2019, but was blocked by Republicans in the senate.

This time if passed, TPS could protect 200,000 Venezuelan citizens currently in the U.S, according to estimates from the Congressional Budget Office.

Although former President Trump issued a Deferred Enforced Departure decree (DED) on his final day in office, critics and immigration experts alike argue that this action didn’t go far enough.

“After four years of empty promises and deceit, nobody believes Donald Trump had an epiphany on his last day in office and decided to protect the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans he was forcing into the shadows,” said New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez in a statement.

Indeed, Trump DED order only delayed deportation of undocumented Venezuelans for up to 18 months. But TPS would grant Venezuelan refugees protected status.

“TPS is an immigration status that can lead to a green card under President Joe Biden’s immigration proposal,” Miami-based immigration lawyer Laura Jimenez told NBC News.

“TPS is based in statute and is a legal immigration status, as opposed to Deferred Enforced Departure,” Menendez, who was born in New York City to Cuban immigrants, said. “That is why we are relaunching our campaign to actually stand with those fleeing the misery caused by the Maduro regime.”

Throughout his campaign, President Biden promised he would extend Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelan refugees, so now the refugee community wants to see him act on that promise.

Venezuela’s economy collapsed under the repressive regime of Nicolás Maduro, shrinking by approximately 64%.

Not only are there widespread food shortages and massive inflation, but Maduro’s critics are being jailed and silenced by other nefarious means.

Because of all this, the South American country facing what Bloomberg calls “a refugee crisis of unprecedented proportions.” As of now, some 5.4 million Venezuelans are in exile, with 600 more leaving the country every day.

But with the news of a likely extension of Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelans in the U.S., many Venezuelans are starting to feel optimistic about the future.

“Now, I feel like I’m really a part of this society and we keep supporting this country,” said Tampa resident Jennifer Infante to Bay News 9 about the recent Congressional news. “I think we deserve this opportunity because we came to make this country a better place and to keep moving forward.”

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