It’s All about the Color Purple in Venezuela, Find Out Why this is Super Important

Yo! In case you missed it, Venezuela’s ruling party just lost…BIG time. Venezuelans cannot contain their excitement. A women-led coalition of Venezuelans wanted change and that is exactly what they got. Viva Venezuela!

For the first time in 16 years, Venezuelans finally told the United Social Party of Venezuela (PSUV) just what they thought of their leadership.


Last night, Venezuelans overwhelmingly voted to drastically change the course of their country.

Why did so many Venezuelans vote to change the ruling party? The economy.

Basically, 76 percent of Venezuelans are living in poverty and they have had enough.

Enter Lilian Tintori, a feisty and dedicated Venezuelan who became the face of the opposition.

Social media was flooded with support for the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) via purple dyed pinkies…seriously. #countrygoals


People are over the moon with the results with Venezuelans celebrating all over the country today in true Latino fashion.

Like, seriously. Venezuela is showing NO chill about the victory.

Venezuelans have proven to their government that they want change and they are done standing still.

Venezuelans all over the world are rejoicing the news.

Venezuelans seeking democracy still know there is a long way to go.

After all, it takes time to undo 16 years of the same thing.

Basically: Ronda Rousey = PSVU and Holly Holms = MUD.

Credit: @CYBER_GRiT / Twitter

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