This Latina Might be the Funniest Person on Twitter

Vanessa Ramos gained notoriety as a comedy writer whose credits include @Midnight and The Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber. But she’s probably most beloved for her hilarious Twitter, @thatRamosgirl, where she muses about everyday sh*t.

She’s Got a Great Eye for Talent

She Deeply Admires Kendall and Kylie Jenner

She’s Got Taylor Swift Fever

Celebrity Chefs Inspire Her to Try New Things

She’s Always Down to Share Fashion Tips

She Believes Your Hairdo Says a Lot About Your Personality

She Knows Royalty When She Sees It

She Loves Building Relationships with Strangers

She’s a Social Critic

She’s a Luxury Car Connoisseur

She Stands Up for Her Rights as a Consumer

She’s Always Looking to Improve Herself

She Empathizes with Fellow Artists

She Understands the Importance of Teamwork

She Knows Halloween is Nothing without a Good Costume

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