U.S. Gymnast Laurie Hernandez Had The Most Fun At The VMAs

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U.S. Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez attended this year’s MTV Video Music Awards along with three of her history making teammates: Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian. Gabby Douglas wasn’t able to attend as she was recovering from a pretty serious infection. Despite the missing teammate, Hernandez seemed to have the time of her life and her social media accounts are filled with her memories of the night. Like when she got to hug Beyoncé after presenting her with the Best Female Video award.

Hernandez, Biles, Raisman and Kocian were on hand to present the “Best Female Video.” Of the four, it is pretty clear that Laurie Hernandez is the most excited to be at the VMAs.

Credit: 2016 MTV Video Music Awards / Giphy

Just look at the huge smile and excited eyes we have all come to know and love. So proud of you, Hernandez!

She spent the night getting as many selfies as she possibly could. Here’s her pseudo-duet with Desiigner.

Panda. Panda. Panda.

And Kanye West.

Look at Kanye almost cracking a smile.

She and her teammates also met Kim Kardashian.

Thank you Dream Dresses for my beautiful dress, and Monika Krol for tailoring the dress perfectly! (We met Kim too!?❤️)

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Here’s another angle of Laurie’s selfie fest.

I love Kanye more than Kanye loves Kanye

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But the best moment of the night was when she met Beyoncé, who won the “Best Female Video” award.

Just look at her face. Total shock and admiration.

Let’s check out that post-Beyoncé hug face again.


She even tweeted about it, obvi.


I. Con. Ic!

Like, legit. Hernandez seems to have had the best time at the VMAs than anyone else in attendance.

Yayyyyy we finally got to see you!:) #Overnight

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Why is she so damn cute?

And the best part? She brought her family along.

Here's to the day 1's❤️

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J Balvin Survives Plane Crash and Then Captures The Aftermath On Instagram

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J Balvin Survives Plane Crash and Then Captures The Aftermath On Instagram

Credit: J Balvin / Instagram

J Balvin is safe after a routine flight to the Bahamas took a near catastrophic turn.

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Mi amigo 🙏 Ma boy 🙏

A post shared by J Balvin (@jbalvin) on

The Colombian singer was on his way to the Bahamas for a vacation when his small plane malfunctioned, sending the craft careening into a nearby field. Balvin and his crew escaped the wreck unharmed, but were definitely a little shaken up.

Footage of the aftermath was captured on Balvin’s Instagram account, with the short message, “?? thanks for the miracle !!”

One of Balvin’s reps released a statement to Billboard, saying, “I can confirm that there was an incident with a small plane on which J Balvin was departing the Bahamas. J Balvin Is OK, sustaining no injuries, but we do not have any further details on exactly what happened with the flight at this time.”

Balvin updated his Instagram, letting fans know he was okay, and that his sense of humor was still intact after the incident.

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A post shared by J Balvin (@jbalvin) on

Fans responded on social media with notes of love and encouragement.

Credit: @xJennyyy_ / Twitter

Balvin, who spends countless hours a week on planes, posted another photo to his Instagram with the message: “? The only way to over come fears is to face them.”

No word on where he got that sweet Chewbacca doll.

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Mi amigo TRANQUILO !!! Ma boy chillin!!

A post shared by J Balvin (@jbalvin) on

Chewbacca’s chill AF because he’s been through his share of sketchy flights on the Millennium Falcon.

Watch footage of J Balvin’s reaction to the crash:

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