Remember The Two Undocumented Valedictorians? NPR Has Their Story

Larissa Martinez and Mayte Lara Ibarra have a lot in common. Both are from Texas and both publicly announced their undocumented status on the same day they graduated as valedictorian of their respective schools. Their decisions to go public regarding their status weren’t without consequences, and ultimately drew some negative attention. Thankfully, support poured in for the two girls, who showed bravery in coming out as undocumented — something that was unheard of in previous generations.

In a recent interview with NPR, Mayte and Larissa talk about giving a voice to those afraid to speak up.

“The last generation was always taught to keep it quiet, never say where you’re from, don’t mention it,” explained Mayte Lara Ibarra to NPR. “But this new generation definitely has more of a voice, so if anything, it’s taught me that I have a voice, and I need to use it efficiently so I can help people in the same situation.”

Hopefully other people in Larissa and Mayte’s position will find the courage they need to get through these times of anti-immigrant sentiment.

Check out the full, in-depth NPR interview with both Larissa and Mayte.

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