Two Mexican Soccer Stars In Germany Skyped It Up And Traded Some Friendly Jabs

Years ago, Mexican soccer stars Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez and Marco Fabian were teammates at Chivas de Guadalajara.

Credit: Chivasdecorazon.com.mx

Chicharito’s knack for scoring goals earned him spots on clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid. Fabian earned a rep for scoring highlight reel goals for Chivas.

Now, Chicharito plies his trade for Bayer Leverkusen of the German pro league.

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Earlier this year, Fabian joined Chicharito in Germany. He plays for Eintract Frankfurt.

Credit: @marcofabian_10 / Instagram

Well, someone from Germany’s pro league, the Bundesliga, decided to reunite* the two pals via Skype.

Credit: Bundesliga / YouTube

*They’re actually only 2 hours away by car (and they’ve seen each other with the Mexican national team), but it’s still nice to see them catch up for a bit, OK?

Chicharito was asked what he thought Fabian would be doing if he didn’t play fútbol.

Credit: Bundesliga / YouTube

He replied with a compliment… and a joke.

Credit: Bundesliga / YouTube

“A model for socks,” added Chicharito.

Fabian was asked to single out some of Chicharito’s best character traits.

Credit: Bundesliga / YouTube

Fabian said he admires Chicharito’s positivity on and off the field.

Credit: Bundesliga / YouTube

Chicharito was touched by the kind words.

Credit: Bundesliga / YouTube

Their bromance is alive and well.

Watch the full video:

Credit: Bundesliga / YouTube

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