Try Not To Cry While Listening To This Junot Diaz Poem About Latino Greatness

Credit: Voto Latino/Youtube

“We are the children of bridges.”

Back in September, renowned author Junot Diaz was one of the recipients of the 29th Hispanic Heritage Awards (along with J. Balvin and ultimate shero Justice Sonia Sotomayor). Diaz, whose opus “The Brief and Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao” is a must read for every Latino kid who grew up feeling a tad weird/out of place, accepted the award by dedicating it to the very community that was honoring him.

“Our community is the paragon of strength, of resilience, of creativity,” Diaz said, being right as always. “We are the only super power this country will ever know. We survived everything this world threw at us.”

He then followed it up with a beautiful poem, which the good people at Voto Latino turned into the wonderful video above. The messaging is just top notch. For too long Latinos have been made to feel as less than, but the fact of the matter is that we’re the chosen ones. That’s especially true for our generation. We need to be loud and proud; we need to affirm our own greatness because we truly are that amazing. And what better way to show that off by showing up at the polls? For too long our community has been called “the sleeping giant.” Let’s show the doubters that this giant is woke AF.

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