Trump’s Cabinet Facing Scrutiny Over Lack Of Latino Representation


For anyone worried that President-elect Donald Trump wouldn’t appoint at least one Latinx to his Cabinet… well, you were right. On Wednesday, President-elect Trump nominated Sonny Perdue for Secretary of Agriculture, the final open position, effectively closing the door on allowing any Latinos into his Cabinet. According to the Los Angeles Times, this marks the first time since September of 1988, Ronald Reagan’s second term in office, that a President or President-elect has not appointed at least one Latinx to a Cabinet position.

During Thursday’s press conference, Sean Spicer, the incoming Press Secretary, reassured the American public that Trump’s team is appointing only the “best and brightest.”


Sean Spicer pointed out that there at least a few minority appointments, like neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who was nominated for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Spicer also noted that while there were no Latinos in the cabinet, there are “5,000 positions” that are ready to be filled by people that represent ethnic and ideological diversity. Spicer, attempting to alleviate fears from the Latinx community about lack of representation, was essentially saying that while the top jobs are off the table, there are plenty more left to choose from.

The lack of Latinos, however, has provoked mixed reactions from prominent figures in the Latinx community.


According to the Washington Post, Alfonso Aguilar, the leader of a conservative Latino advocacy group, noted that President Obama “had three or four Latinos at the cabinet level, but that didn’t help the welfare of Latinos in any way.” Others feel the opposite. The Washington Post also quoted Chair of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda Hector Sanchez, who said, “Twenty percent of the population cannot be ignored and cannot be constantly attacked. This will be reflected in two years [in congressional elections] and in the next presidential election.”

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In Case You Need A Laugh, Here Are Some Tweets And Memes To Reflect How People Feel About The Inauguration


In Case You Need A Laugh, Here Are Some Tweets And Memes To Reflect How People Feel About The Inauguration

Credit: @baleevet / Instagram

The inauguration is here, folks, which means it’s time to say goodbye to Barack Obama and say hello to our newly elected president, Donald Trump. Here’s the gist of how people on Twitter and Instagram really feel about this historic event…

Some people feel like this girl from the famous Dr. Phil episode:


“Catch me outside, how ’bout dat?!”

While others can describe their feels toward the inauguration with a single word:


*clinging onto Obama’s ankles*

Yep, there’s so much despair that people on Twitter are coming up with inauguration drinking games in order to cope with their emotions.

Goodbye Obama and liver!

And some of these games have a few more detailed rules than others.

Cheers, America.

Other games don’t involve drinks.

What would you rather do?

Because Trump is dying for more airtime, people have decided they won’t give him the pleasure ?.

*unplugs TV*

Some people admit they wouldn’t go even if tickets were free.??

Even if Trump paid them.

Others would love a chance to attend.


Time to act like Kanye and interrupt Trump.

People on twitter are also joking about how bad the weather is going to be during the inauguration.

Thank you, baby Jesus.

Which is why people on Instagram are sharing this 7-day forecast meme.


For real.

Now that Obama’s term as president is ending, some people can’t help but reminisce about his inauguration.

So many emotions!

And he will be missed by many.


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