Trump Surrogate Salty AF Over Browning Of America

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On Saturday, the Trump camp continued its streak of saying thinly-veiled racist things.

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This time around, it was CNN talking head Scottie Nell Hughes, who told Wolf Blitzer that she didn’t like the fact that Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s VP pick, spoke in Spanish at a rally in Miami.

“I didn’t have to get a translator for anything that was going on at the [Republican National Convention] this week,” she told Wolf Blitzer.

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O RLY?!? Then what language is Republican senator Ralph Alvarado speaking?

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“I’m hoping I’m not going to have to start brushing up on my ‘Dora the Explorer’ to understand some of the speeches given this week,” she added, as if her initial blatant lie of a statement wasn’t racist enough.

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Damn, what did Dora la Exploradora ever to do you?

Joke is on the haters, though. Here’s a truth bomb: The U.S. is becoming increasingly Latino, which means Spanish isn’t going anywhere.

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Trump or any of his surrogates can’t change the fact that the Latino population is growing, and it’s not just in Texas or California. There are now more Latinos in places like Atlanta, Wisconsin and North Carolina than ever before. And guess what? The United States now has more Spanish speakers than Spain itself.  You can’t stop us, fam, so you best get used to it.

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Tim Kaine Speaks Spanish, Y Qué?


Tim Kaine Speaks Spanish, Y Qué?

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Hillary Clinton officially has her running mate, and his name is Tim Kaine. If you don’t know him, he is a senator from Virginia, he plays the harmonica, and he speaks Spanish. The media has blown its wad over this latter point. We get it. You need Latinos to win this election. Here’s the thing though: Speaking Spanish is not going to be the way to get Latinos fired up. That said, it doesn’t hurt, considering the rhetoric being spewed by the other side.

This is probably how you first reacted when you heard that Tim Kaine was going to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

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Who is this political cliché of an old, white man? Where’s the flavor and diversity? ¿Pero, por qué?

But then, during his announcement speech at Florida International University in Miami, Kaine busted out his español.

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Not too bad. His accent is definitely that of an old white man, but dude is fluent in our mother tongue. Like, that was kind of refreshing.

Like, legit, it is much appreciated to know that he is willing and able to reach out to the older members of our community. Imagine abuelita getting the chance to understand what the politician is saying without the need for translation.

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But, let’s make sure that we don’t think that just him speaking Spanish is going to get us on board, okay?

While Latinos were celebrating the Spanish like this

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…the media decided that his small amount of Spanish was worth this reaction.

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Can you, like, not?

What could it have been about that speech that would cause the media to lose its mind? Latinos were like:

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There were replays, play-by-plays and a few analyses conducted, and all Latinos found was a man using some of his speech to speak Spanish. Which is cool and all, but definitely not worth all the hype.

Like, the only good thing about Kaine speaking Spanish is the meltdown of white, Republican commentators. They seriously cannot take the browning of America with any kind of grace.

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We are pleased that there is someone in this election that speaks Spanish, but both parties have a pretty long way to go if they think they will secure the Latino vote. It takes more than throwing us a few lines in Spanish here and there.

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