Trump Supporters Are Basically Out-Of-Shape Crossfitters. Here’s Why.

In a recent ABC interview, potential Republican VP candidate Michael Flynn made it known he prefers the term “illegals” over “undocumented.”Way to take over the conversation, Flynn. The potential VP’s enthusiasm highlights one of the things I dislike about Trump supporters: They constantly force their dear leader’s beliefs on other people. Where have I seen this kind of behavior before? The only friend of mine that displays this kind of behavior isn’t actually a Trump supporter; he’s just really, really into Crossfit. Every time I see him, he tells me all about the cult of Crossfit and how great his life is because of it. The truth is, if you examine Trump supporters and Crossfitters, you’ll see a ton of similarities. Check it.

My friend in Crossfit has mastered the art of leading every conversation back to Crossfit.

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Trump supporters talk about illegals and gun control the same way my Crossfit friend always brings it back to burpees and WODs.

My Crossfit friend and I don’t hang out as much because he’s too busy spending time with his like-minded Crossfitters.

Crossfit is a pseudo version of a workout plan.

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This must be why my friend is always complaining about how sore he is after working out.

Trumpism is a pseudo-version of a political ideology.

You know Crossfitters are just working out years of repressed issues.

Same is true with Trump enthusiasts.

Both insist that their way — the wrong way — is the right way.

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If Trump’s wall is as sturdy as this workout contraption, I think we’ll be fine.

Both never shut up about how great their beliefs are.


Double ugh.

In the end, all your cultish qualities turn you into a cartoon character.

So have all the fun you want. Just don’t force your beliefs on me.

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