Donald Trump Offends Mexicans Again With One Of His “Jokes”

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Another week has gone by, which means Donald Trump has been offensive once again. This time, the travesty occurred at a campaign rally in Manchester, N.H. Just as he said, “What they have done to us is incredible. Their leaders are so much smarter, so much sharper, it’s incredible,” referring to the Mexican government, a random plane flew overhead – because you know, that’s what planes do.

Gazing at the sky ominously, he said, “In fact, that could be a Mexican plane up there. They could be getting ready to attack.”

The comment got out on Twitter, spawning hateful threads and more Trump trauma. Apparently, the comment was meant as a joke – you can add comedian to the list of jobs Donald Trump isn’t fit for. With all fairness, with Trump you never can tell when something is a joke, or when he’s being totally serious.

Read more about this here.

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Justin Bieber Gave A Shout-Out To 'Spanish Girls' During His Miami Show


Justin Bieber Gave A Shout-Out To ‘Spanish Girls’ During His Miami Show

Over the weekend, Justin Bieber gave Latinas a special shoutout during the Miami leg of his “Purpose” tour. And the crowd absolutely loved it! Check it out:

Credit: Twitter / Contocano1

The moment even resulted in “Latinas” briefly trending on Twitter:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.46.42 AM
Credit: Twitter / kenniasbeautych / bianitza_

We already knew about Justin’s penchant for Latinosity, but giving Latinas a special moment was also a smart move on his part given Miami’s pretty freaking huge (that’s the technical term, yes) Latino population. (So: “Wooo!”)

That said, there’s something we gotta address…

At the very, very beginning of the video above, you can hear Justin mention “Spanish girls,” which he is very clearly using as a synonym for Latinas. As do a lot of people.


Credit: Mediapro / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Mira, now you’re giving Penelope Cruz a headache. La pobre.

So, for the gazillionth time:

Spanish girls come from Spain.

Say it with me now: Spanish girls come from Spain.

***Cue retro proud Spanish girl gif:

Credit: SinDisplay

Hey, girl.

This would be exactly like calling girls from the United States “English girls” because they speak English. It’s weird! And incorrect!

And, yes, we’re all too aware that our fellow Latinos are guilty of using this, too. Come on, guys.

OK? OK. Don’t make Rosario Flores cry:

Credit: Warner Sogefilms / Sony Pictures Classics

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Tell us: Is this your pet peeve, too? 

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