This Map will Show You Where Home is Not

Trump Hate Map

See all those little Trump heads above? This is the Trump Hate Map.  It shows the many incidents of racial abuse and discrimination taking place across the country by Donald Trump supporters as a dangerous consequence of Trump’s anti-immigration, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and anti-refugee rhetoric. When asked about the clashes, Trump simply says his supporters are “passionate.”

On of the heads pinpoints a white woman harassing a Latina because she was speaking Spanish at an IHOP. Luckily, her son was there to defend her.

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Another head shows where a Sikh man was beaten by Trump supporters who yelled “Terrorist, go back to your country.”

Sikh Man

Read about other incredibly violent and racist incidents here.

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Disney Princesses Getting the Selena Makeover Prove La Reina is Still the Best


Disney Princesses Getting the Selena Makeover Prove La Reina is Still the Best

Isaiah K. Stephens, an artist who loves to post Disney-inspired mash-ups on his Instagram and Facebook, was commissioned by Cosmo to mash up Disney princesses and iconic Selena images. And… he KILLED IT.

Snow White got a much needed update with Selena’s hip-hugging white sequined GRAMMY dress.

She is officially the fairest woman of the land thanks to her successful Tejana revamp.

The Princess and the Frog is great but La Reina y Le Rana is the clear winner.

Who knew that minimizing Tiana’s outfits could make her so damn awesome.

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Who knew Esmeralda could pull off Selena’s iconic purple jumper?

It is nice to see Esmeralda finally doing what she does best: performing.

Even Jasmine couldn’t resist showing some skin in Selena’s high waisted pants and bustier.

I don’t think we’re in Agrabah anymore…

Mulan looks effortlessly cool in her flowing white blouse and body hugging denim.

And certainly La Reina could have stopped those Huns dead in their tracks.

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But, can we all agree that Pocahontas totally nailed the most recognizable Selena photo?

An untamed heart coupled with a fierce Tejana is nothing but magic.

If you love Selena share this story so everyone can see just how incredible La Reina is after all these years.

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