In New Court Video, Trump Says His Racist Comments Are True Because People Agree With Him

Credit: smurfparty/YouTube

“[It’s] a topic that, you know, has led to my nomination in a major party in the country, so it’s not a very out there topic.”

Buzzfeed News successfully obtained video depositions of Donald Trump after he sued restaurateurs for pulling out of his project to turn the Old Post Office building in Washington, D.C., into a hotel after he launched his presidential campaign. In the video above, Trump says that he planned on attacking immigrants at the beginning of his campaign and didn’t consult with anyone prior to making that speech. (Something we actually believe him on given that his own daughter tried to pull a “ooh, uh, maybe don’t put it that way” and almost issued a clarification.)

But perhaps the most grotesque thing about the video (beyond having to watch a man that has spewed so much hate at us and ours, a man who legit looks like a orange-bleached puckered a**hole wearing a wig) is the justification Trump uses for his comments.

“I’m running for office. I obviously have credibility because I now, as it turns out, became the Republican nominee running against, we have a total of 17 people that were mostly senators and governors, highly respected people,” Trump explained. “So it’s not like, you know, like I’ve said anything that could be so bad. Because if I said something that was so bad, they wouldn’t have had me go through all of these people and win all of these primary races.”

In short, Trump’s argument is “I can’t be racist if so many Americans agree with me.” To be fair, that’s an air tight argument. After all, it’s not like this country has a history of doing racist things.

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