Trump Advisor Says Latinos Who Don’t Like Trump Don’t Matter

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Donald Trump’s advisors might be as delusional as him. Michael Cohen, an attorney and executive in the Trump organization, or simply a Trump advisor, was quoted as saying: “…That’s OK because the ones that don’t like Trump aren’t even here legally and they can’t vote, so it doesn’t really matter, right? And I understand their point of view. They’re — they do not want to be asked to leave, right? And go back where? Go back to their homes? You know they don’t want to. So I understand.”

We’ve had a lot of WTF moments with Trump, but this is seriously WTF?! Alright, Mr. Cohen, let’s give you a lesson on the Latino population in the United States because, clearly, you need it. And maybe you can pass on this info to your boss.

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The Latino population in this country is currently 57 million strong. Of those, ONLY 11 million are here illegally. Which means that there are 46 million Latinos living legally in THEIR country. Every year, 800,000 turn 18 adding to the 12 million Latinos already qualified to vote.

And guess what? The Latino Decisions/ImpreMedia poll found that of the registered Latino voters in swing states, 71 percent don’t like Trump. So do we matter? We think YES.

Read how other Latinos reacted to this here.

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This Guy Actually Threw a Quinceañera for His Dog


This Guy Actually Threw a Quinceañera for His Dog

Meet Mike Chesworth. He loves his dog, Angel.


Look at that face. How could he not?

He loves Angel so much that he decided to throw her a quinceañera.

Credit: Mike Chesworth / Facebook

In a Facebook video, Chesworth said he wanted Angel to live a long, prosperous life. So he promised Angel he’d throw her a quinceañera on the day she turned 15 (in human years).

But he didn’t just buy Angel a dress. He rolled out the red carpet…


And they made a grand entrance together.


There was even a bounce house for the canine guests.


Of course, a mariachi was on hand to play a few songs for Angel.


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There was a bone-shaped cake…


But there was no vals. Angel and her pals had to settle for piñata.


Not the most traditional move, but there probably aren’t any dog quinceañera choreographers out there – yet.

Watch the full video:

Angel’s Quinceañera ✨

(Doggie Birthday Party) Feliz Cumpleaños, Science says we love our dogs like children… some kids are really LUCKY!!!
Photographer: Jacob Burke

Posted by Mike Chesworth on Monday, December 7, 2015

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