Thousands Of Immigration Advocates Take To The SCOTUS Steps To #FightForFamilies

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On Monday, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments for United States v. Texas, a case that will determine the fate of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA). Countless of Twitter users are using the hashtag  #FightForFamilies to express their support for two programs that could grant deportation relief to millions.

Supporters flooded the steps of the Supreme Court building in favor of DAPA and DACA+.

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The court’s ruling could affect as many as 4 million people.

At the heart of the case is the chance to keep families together by giving the parents of kids like these relief from deportation.

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There are specific criteria for qualifying for DAPA. Among these are having no major criminal record and having a child living legally in the United States.

Seriously, the Supreme Court steps are LIT today.

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Liiikkuh, so very lit.

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?This land is your land; this land it my land.?

The case is drawing out some of big names in favor of deportation relief. Among them is Dolores Huerta…

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…and Sophie Cruz. Yes, the Sophie Cruz that stopped the Pope’s motorcade and stole all our hearts in the process.

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It’s not just humans in support of DAPA. This little pup is also standing on the right side of history.

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#Adorable #FamilyGoals

Both Democratic presidential candidates weighed in on Twitter over this historic court case.

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Of course, Bernie Sanders was the first one to say something about the case.

Hillary Clinton published a short video highlighting someone who would be affected if DAPA is struck down.

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Are there anti-DAPA supporters? Sure, but it looks like pro-DAPA is a stronger chorus on the SCOTUS steps.

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The Supreme Court is expected to hand down their decision on the case as early as June. Until then, we wait and listen to anything the SCOTUS justices might say.

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Vicente Fernandez Calls Out Donald Trump In Farewell Concert


Vicente Fernandez Calls Out Donald Trump In Farewell Concert


Credit: Rosa Castro/YouTube

“[Le] voy a escupir la cara…”

On Sunday night, Vicente Fernandez, one of Mexico’s biggest icons, held his farewell concert at Mexico City’s Azteca Stadium. In addition to playing his greatest hits, the 76-year-old Chente issued a threat to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

“There’s a U.S. presidential candidate that’s saying a lot of ugly things about Mexicans,” Chente said in Spanish. “I’m going to spit on his face the day I meet him, I’m going to insult his mother, and I’m going to tell him what no one has ever told him in his miserable life.”

The crowd, of course, ate it up. And while this is probably an empty threat made by a man during his swan song — he could’ve literally said anything and the audience would’ve loved it — wouldn’t it be cool if Chente actually spent his retirement years tracking down Trump to spit in his face and tell him to go f**k himself?

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