This Woman Snapped A Picture Of Danny Trejo’s Face Appearing In Her Baby’s Crib

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Danny Trejo is, essentially, the modern-day patron saint of badassness. So, it’s no surprise that his face would pop up in a vision, not unlike many spiritual icons before him.

Which is exactly what happened to one surprised mom:

Credit: Twitter / Sarah Mire

Her tweet about the unusual incident, retweeted by Danny himself, shows his face appearing in the rumpled blankets next to a sleeping lil’ baby.

If you can’t quite see it, don’t worry, we got you:


That baby is so #blessed. Machete may not text, but apparently he IS available to babysit on short notice.

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What do you think? Should “I’m going to call ese Machete”  be the new “Oye, stop, because voy a llamar a la policia” when kids act up?

Latino Actors Who Overcame Jail Time To Find Success In Hollywood


Latino Actors Who Overcame Jail Time To Find Success In Hollywood

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Life has its ups and downs. Some times, life is great and everything is really going your way. Other times, life gets tough, you make bad decisions and those decision can haunt you. These Latino actors didn’t want to have their rap sheet be the only thing people knew about them. They worked hard on getting sober, overcoming obstacles and eventually found starring roles in feature films and TV series. There is always room to honor those who have grown and changed to be the best they can be.

1. Danny Trejo

Around his 20s, actor and restaurateur Danny Trejo was in and out of jail. Trejo’s acting break came when he was a youth drug counselor for an actor on the set of a movie and Trejo was asked to be an extra in the film. From that role, Trejo continued to land additional roles in film and TV series. In 2016 he took his talents outside of just the entertainment industry and opened his first of three restaurants, Trejo’s Tacos. 

2. Michelle Rodriguez

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Last night @unicef Sardinia 💚

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Often seen as tough Letty Ortiz in the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, Michelle Rodriguez conquered a troubled personal life to make it to a lead in a blockbuster film franchise. Rodriguez had been arrested for assault against her former roommate before charges were dropped, and she also been arrested for DUI. She completed her community service requirements in 2009 and has not had legal troubles since then.

3. Johnny Ortiz

By the time he was 18, Johnny Ortiz had been surrounded by an upbringing filled with drugs and gangs, and had already spent time in jail. He shared with Project Eñye that while he was in jail, he prayed for a second chance. That second chance came in the form of an acting role after meeting his future life coach at a career day. He has had roles in the feature film “McFarland, USA” and in the TV series “American Crime.” In the video, Ortiz shares an important nugget of wisdom we could all learn from, “You create if you want to be happy, if you want to be sad, if you want to be mad.” Good to know he is creating his own reality. 

4. Richard Cabral

“American Crime” actor Richard Cabral went from being a gang member looking at the possibility of a 35-year sentence to being up for an Emmy after his role on the ABC series. After turning his life around through the help of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, Cabral was able to focus on casting auditions and eventually landed his Emmy-nominated role.

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Danny Trejo Opened His Donut Shop… And Sold Out Of Donuts In One Day

bad hombres

Danny Trejo Opened His Donut Shop… And Sold Out Of Donuts In One Day

@officialDannyT / Twitter

Not only is Danny Trejo an iconic Latino actor, but he’s also the savvy proprietor of two thriving restaurants. After Trejo’s Tacos killed it, Danny opened his next hit, Trejo’s Cantina. With both businesses booming, he embarked on his newest venture Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts.

The soft-opening for Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts was on May 17th and before long, they triumphantly sold out of everything.

Opening Day Sells Out

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Doors opened at 7 a.m. to patrons waiting in line just to get their hands on some of Trejo’s unique flavors of donuts and coffee. With pastry chef Diane Crame on hand, Trejo’s served up some original donuts like Mexican hot chocolate, tequila-lime and the nacho-inspired jalapeño & cheddar. You can even order one that’s shaped like a machete.

It’s been open one day, and people are already obsessed.

People are literally flying across the country just to check it out…

…Because the menu is the bomb.

And now that his newest enterprise is flourishing, Trejo has begun rolling out his plans for national domination.

officialdannytrejo / Instagram

Business has been going so well that Danny and his business partner Jeff Georgino are already planning to expand nationally. According to Forbes, Trejo’s currently on-pace to becoming a $100 million brand, so, even if you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, you can expect to get your hands on one of Trejo’s tacos or a machete-shaped donut sooner than later.

Coming from Pacoima, Calif., Trejo says he “couldn’t have imagined ” the success he’s experienced as an actor, and now as a restauranteur.

Thankful to wake up and do what I love!

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In an interview with LAist, Danny spoke humbly about what it all means to him. “To make my mother’s dream of owning a restaurant come true,” said Trejo, “it’s truly a blessing.”

With everything he’s accomplished, Danny Trejo embodies the American dream.

As a professional, he bet on himself and was able to prosper at two different careers. His guts and determination are why he’s become such an inspirational testament to how working hard pays off. As a humanitarian, Danny is active in the community as well as at large. He uses his fame and success as a tool to open doors to helping others.

Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts is already planning to expand, but for now you order your coffee and nacho donuts at 6785 Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood.

[H/T] LAist: Inside Danny Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts Shop, Serving Up Tequila-Lime And Nacho Donuts

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