This Woman Snapped A Picture Of Danny Trejo’s Face Appearing In Her Baby’s Crib

Danny Trejo is, essentially, the modern-day patron saint of badassness. So, it’s no surprise that his face would pop up in a vision, not unlike many spiritual icons before him.

Which is exactly what happened to one surprised mom:

Credit: Twitter / Sarah Mire

Her tweet about the unusual incident, retweeted by Danny himself, shows his face appearing in the rumpled blankets next to a sleeping lil’ baby.

If you can’t quite see it, don’t worry, we got you:

That baby is so #blessed. Machete may not text, but apparently he IS available to babysit on short notice.

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What do you think? Should “I’m going to call ese Machete”  be the new “Oye, stop, because voy a llamar a la policia” when kids act up?

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