Donald Trump’s TV Ads Are As Hateful As You Would Expect

Credit: TransmiTV/YouTube

Donald Trump believes there are two Americas.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Donald Trump allegedly softening his stance on deporting millions of immigrants.  Let’s deport the bad ones and then worry about the good ones, Trump has suggested. “Operation Wetback,” which resulted in the deportation of as many as one million people, some of them U.S. citizens, is now a bad idea, the GOP candidate told Fox News.  He’s trying to reach people of color now, they say. So should you trust him?


Trump might say he’s changing his scummy ways, but this is still an orange husk of a man whose first general election ad is a 30-second horror film for white people. The ad, seen above, at once manages to lump Syrian refugees and undocumented immigrants into one terroristic pile coming to America to destroy your way of life. Oh, and they’re here to rob you old white people of your social security benefits while they’re at it (Never mind that immigrants have actually contributed $100 billion into an entitlement program they can’t collect from). And don’t even get us started on how he launched his campaign by telling the world that Mexicans coming to this country were rapists and drug dealers, or how he said that a Mexican-American judge should, because of the judge’s heritage, recuse himself from a case where Trump probably perpetrated fraud.

So, no, Donald Trump isn’t pivoting.

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