This Trump-Themed Parody Of ‘Hamilton’ Is Everything

Rad Motel/YouTube

Much in the same way that Broadway breakout hit “Hamilton” came out quietly from the wings and bursted onto the main stage, Donald Trump has gone from dark horse to having a where-the-hell-did-he-come-from?!-type of success on the political front.


And while at first glance, founding father Alexander Hamilton — focus of the sold-out, Grammy-winning, chart topping rap hit musical — might not have much in common with the Donald, sketch comedy group Rad Motel begs to differ.

“Hamiltrump” tells the mythical tale of Trump in rhyming beats.

“How does the bastard, racist son of a millionaire and a mogul dropped in the middle of a race of the Republicans in tatters, a party nearly shattered somehow become the only one that matters?” TBH, we are wondering the same thing. Seriously, how?

Rascal Alexander Hamilton used his wits and intrepidness to get to the top of the political ladder more than two centuries ago. Donald Trump? Not so much, and this music video contrasts that with the seemingly cushy way Trump rose to the stop.


The comedy troupe rips Trump pretty hard; Rad Motel points out his two failed marriages before meeting “mail-order bride” Melania, they remind people of his (previously stated) disturbing comments about daughter Ivanka and even mention that damn wall.


Watch “Hamiltrump” below…and keep your eyes peeled for what might be the funniest character of all, the Wall!

Credit: Rad Motel / YouTube

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This Rapping Abuelita Is The Best Damn Thing You Will See All Day


This Rapping Abuelita Is The Best Damn Thing You Will See All Day

@emily_estefan / Instagram

The Internet holds so many treasures and we’d like to thank it for giving us this gem: Gloria Fajardo, Gloria Estefan’s mother, also known as #Rapuela.

This octogenarian spits fiercer raps than any rapper to date. She even gets an assist from her granddaughter, Emily Estefan, who lays down the sickest beatbox tracks to perfectly harmony her abuelita’s hidden talent.

#Rapuela, 87, is the only person who can make “The Happy Birthday Song” somewhat cool with the beats assist from her granddaughter.?

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

Anything for her son-in-law.

Like skilled rappers, she too raps about her struggles…

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

…of being put to work by her granddaughter.

She even has a special little rap for her favorite café.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

This Rapuela brilliantly throws a little shade at her own family.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

#Savage #Savuelita

But she isn’t just about the laughs. Some of her raps are, like, suuuper emotional. ?

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

No llores, Rapuela. Emily will be back before you know it.

She even had a special birthday shoutout for her daughter and, naturally, herself.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

Because Cubans are sooooo funny.

Rapuela has gotten so big, she is even doing duets with the hottest musical talents of the Estefan familia.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

Aye! Pero, qué cute!

Like, seriously, she is all the abuelita goals we can handle.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

¡Y no te olvides los tostones!

Her jokes are so strong that even her producer can’t contain herself.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

Even being laid up in the hospital bed won’t stop Rapuela from giving her fans what they want.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

Qué dios la bendiga.

She isn’t shy to tell the world who runs Doral: Rapuela.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

She’s even produced some great festive tracks, like for Thanksgiving. ?

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

And like a good Cuban abuela, she warns everyone about overeating, but, like, she knows that Cubans like to eat, right?

And she’s even got St. Patrick’s day covered. ?

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram


Bonus: Check out these ADORABLE outtakes featuring the dopest rapping abuelita to ever exist.

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

Not to mention this… ?

Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram


Credit: @emily_estefan / Instagram

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