This ‘The Voice’ Audition Was Basically So Good, Someone Nearly Threw Up

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Hello, would you like to take a quick break from the smoldering dumpster fire that is the world we live in and just watch something kind of nice for a short slice of time? Me too. Here, then, is “The Voice” contestant Lauren Diaz performing Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”

It takes guts to perform in front of people, period, but Lauren takes it one step further by performing Alicia’s song IN FRONT OF Alicia. Fortunately, Lauren has the voice of an angel singing lullabies to precious little puppies, and Alicia was the very first judge to swivel around, and even sang along. Here she is the very moment she thought, “Oh, hell yes”:

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Miley Cyrus and the dude who poses with Gwen Stefani also turned around and cheered Lauren on, and the audience basically went wild. All of which inspired this amazing response:

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The judges got competitive and pretty creative in their attempts to woo Lauren over to their teams, but it was basically all won and done when Alicia began serenading Lauren:

Credit: NBC

It was beautiful, and Lauren’s family, including her son, basically went wild cheering for their girl. And, of course, she went with Alicia (even though she admitted her son’s favorite is Blake). TOO MUCH CUTENESS ALL AT ONCE.

In conclusion:

Credit: NBC

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‘Hamilton’: Disney Plus Drops Trailer For Musical Film — Watch Now!


‘Hamilton’: Disney Plus Drops Trailer For Musical Film — Watch Now!

Nicholas Hunt / Getty

Good news!

…Wait for it…

Those days of saving upwards of $849 for Hamilton tickets on Broadway are long behind you. The Broadway hit is coming straight to your screens courtesy of Disney +.

That’s right!

On Sunday, the streaming platform dropped the first official trailer for the Broadway rap-story about Alexander Hamilton and other historical figures. 

According to Variety, the production was filmed at New York City’s Richard Rodgers Theatre in 2016. From the trailer, it looks as if production perfectly captures the world of Broadway and the musical’s original stage production. You might remember that in 2016, the musical was nominated for 16 awards and eventually took home 11 awards, including Best Musical. That same year it received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The theatrical production features Lin-Manuel Miranda as Hamilton, Daveed Diggs as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, Renée Elise Goldsberry as Angelica Schuyler, Jonathan Groff as King George, and Christopher Jackson as George Washington.

The film was originally slated for a theatrical release in October of 2021.

The release was fortunately moved up to July 3 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a recent interview with Variety, Miranda said “What I’m most excited about [is] you all have that friend that is like, ‘I saw it with the original cast.’ We’re stealing that brag from everyone because you’re all going to see it with the original cast.”

Speaking about sharing Hamilton with audiences via the big screen, Miranda told Entertainment Tonight at the 2020 Oscars that he was “very proud of 2016 us, because we had the foresight to film the show with the original company before the principals started leaving, so we’ve got the snapshot,” Miranda shared. “I’m just really excited that we get to share it because we know how hard it is [to see it].”

Hamilton will be available to stream July, 3 on Disney+.

Alicia Keys Asked Swizz Beatz To Remove Her Gel Manicure And The Poor Guy Was Sweating Bullets Trying To Get The Job Done


Alicia Keys Asked Swizz Beatz To Remove Her Gel Manicure And The Poor Guy Was Sweating Bullets Trying To Get The Job Done

aliciakeys/ Instagram

Even Queen of the Piano, Alicia Keys gets by with a little help from her friends.

The “This Girl On Fire” singer, like so many of us, is being forced to rediscover her natural nails as she stays in place with her family. Just like us, Keys is having to rely on classic tinfoil / cetone-soaked-cotton-balls trick and her husband to help remove the nails she got before life under quarantine.

In a recent post on Instagram, Alicia Keys and her husband Swizz Beatz, dove into the fake nail removal process and things got funny.

Earlier this week, Swizz Beatz posted a video to his Instagram looking super cozied up to his wife Keys as he helped her to remove her fake nails. In the video Key’s fingernails can be seen soaking in acetone while wrapped in foil while Beatz. debates different ways to remove her nails. The sweet husband is LAZER focused on the removal process, concentrating rather intently on her thumb.

“So you’re trying to get that off?” he asks while attempting to file away at a piece of the acrylic or gel stuck to her nail..

“Mhmm, but it’s not the whole thing. It’s on top of my nail,” Keys replies before her husband gives a pretty amateur resolution

“‘Cause you can use an X-Acto knife,” Swizz Beats he suggests.

Um no…

And fortunately, Keys responds the same way saying “No.” Knowing full well an X-acto knife on her nail will either leed to a damaged nail bed or a sliced of finger.

“An X-Acto knife will cut this shit right off,” he persists as his wife shakes her head in calm disbelief.

According to Swizz Beatz’s post, the two stuck to the file and foil.

“Quarantine Day 33 😳 I think everyone will come out of this more handy and crafty 100% 😂😂😂,” he wrote. “FYI I was joking 🥵.”

Now that is true quarantine love right there.