This Texas Teacher Was Busted After Getting Pregnant With 13-Year-Old Student’s Child

This is Alexandria Vera, a middle school teacher from Houston, Texas.

Montgomery County Jail

And, yes, that’s a mugshot.

The 24-year-old was recently arrested for engaging in a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old student.

Credit: Alexandria Vera / Facebook

According to court documents, Vera met the 13-year-old boy in one of her 8th grade classes. The two eventually established a sexual relationship that lasted for 9 months.

The relationship wasn’t exactly a secret. One student told ABC13 Houston that the signs were obvious.

Credit: Alexandria Vera / Facebook

Vera, who was described by students as the “cool teacher,” didn’t hide the relationship very well. “He like grabbed her butt and everybody saw it. And then they were talking about it,” said a student to ABC 13.

But wait — Vera also told police that the boy’s parents approved of their relationship…

Credit: Alexandria Vera / Facebook

According to Vera, she was introduced to the boy’s family as his girlfriend — and the family was cool with it.

And when Vera became pregnant with the boy’s child, she told police his parents were supportive.

Credit: Alexandria Vera / Facebook

Vera, who has a young daughter, got pregnant with the boy’s child in January. The following month, Child Protective Services visited her school to question Vera about her relationship with the boy. Vera told police she had an abortion after the CPS visit because she was scared of being caught.

Vera, who recently turned herself into police, was charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child. She was released after posting a $100,000 bond.

Credit: ABC 15 Houston

If convicted, Vera faces 25 years to life in prison. Vera’s employer, Aldine ISD released a statement about the situation: “Aldine ISD has been made aware that charges have been filed against a former Stovall Middle School teacher involved in inappropriate behavior with a male student. When the allegation was made in April, the teacher was immediately removed from the school and placed on administrative leave.”

CPS is now investigating Vera’s claims that the boy’s parents were supportive of the relationship.

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