The Judges Of “The Voice” Lost It When This Latina Belted Out “Como La Flor”

The Voice / Selena Quintanilla Brasil / YouTube

Selena made an appearance on “The Voice” and the judges loved it.

“The Voice” contestant Elia Esparza took “a risk” and did her blind audition in Spanish. But she didn’t pick just any Spanish-language song. The El Paso, Texas native came out with that “Como La Flor” fire and the crowd and judges lost it. Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton were dancing from the jump. Cyrus even called the performance “bad ass” before pushing her button to spin around and see Esparza giving Selena’s classic new life on the stage. Levine praised the Tejano with bringing something to the stage that was “refreshing.” In the end, all three judges pleaded their cases to be her coach. Only Cyrus was able to pronounce her name correctly without having to ask her over and over. No spoilers here. You’ll have to check the video to find out who Esparza chose to be her coach for the season.

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What It's Like Traveling To Your Home Country


What It’s Like Traveling To Your Home Country

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You feel like rich.


Porque cargas dólares.

Your family makes fun of you.


Porque tu español no es perfecto. Gringa alert.

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Porque everything is SO cheap compared to the U.S.

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Pero los extrañarás cuando te vayas ❤️.

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