Watching This Kid Feed His Pet Deer Is Hilarious And Fun

Meet Kelvin Peña. He’s a typical teenager from East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.


Except he’s not. Peña has become a viral sensation after posting this video of his “pet” deer, which he named “Money.”

“I went inside and grabbed him an apple, and he ate it. I expected him to leave but he kept following me, so that’s when I grabbed some Club Crackers and started feeding him,” Peña told Buzzfeed.

Peña continued to make friends, though…

And he eventually befriended a whole squad of deer, giving each of them names: Money, Canela, Lola, Tequila and Bambi.

He even played a little basketball with Canela.

Peña’s unbridled affection for the deer squad makes his videos lots of fun to watch. He’s even developed a catchphrase that you’ll often hear during feeding sessions: “Everbody eats.”

“They call my videos very pure. I don’t know, they probably just like the deer and how nice I am to them,” Peña told VICE.

Peña has become a local celebrity of sorts…

Several people have created art inspired by Peña and his deer squad.


And yep, he’s already been featured on “Al Rojo Vivo.”

Peña is not only relishing his newfound celebrity…

He’s also trying to make a few dollars. He’s selling this T-shirt…

And hats with his signature phrase.

The best part? It looks like Peña realized fruity pebbles and marshmallows aren’t exactly the best things to feed wild animals. Now he’s feeding them that “good organic deer corn.”

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