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This Suspected Robber was Busted after Taking a Selfie and Posting it to Snapchat

This is Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove, California.

lovers point park

It’s just a few minutes away from the city of Monterey on Pacific coast of Central California.

Beautiful, right? It’s a great spot for wedding photos…

Credit: @jasmineleephoto / Instagram

Taking a walk while contemplating the beauty of nature…

lovers point park #monterey #loverspointpark #montereybay #ig_california #photooftheday 10.03.15

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I see you eyeing my lunch there Mr. Western Gull #banhmibythebeach #loverspointpark #foodbandit

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So what does all this have to do with a robbery? This dude, 18-year-old Victor Almanza-Martinez, and two other men allegedly robbed a group of people at Lover’s Point Park.

Credit: Pacific Grove Police Department

The three suspects allegedly robbed a group of four people and then stole their car.

Before fleeing in the stolen vehicle, Pacific Grove Police say Almanza-Martinez posed for a selfie with one of the female victims. Police haven’t released the photo, but here’s a reenactment:


The selfie ended up being a key lead in the arrest of Almanza-Martinez. How did police get it? Almanza-Martinez exchanged Snapchat information with the female victim after he took the selfie.

Once Almanza-Martinez posted the selfie to Snapchat, the victim turned over the photo to police, who promptly arrested him.


Almanza-Martinez has been hit with several charges, including armed robbery, kidnapping and possession of stolen property. He’s being held at Monterey Country Jail on $170,000 bail.

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