This Super PAC Is Running Ads To Remind Latinos How Racist Donald Trump Truly Is

Credit: Priorities USA / YouTube

Because it’s only racist when white people say so, right?

Super PAC Priorities USA is on a mission to dissuade Latinos from voting for Donald Trump. How? By not letting them forget what’s becoming common knowledge: Trump is racist. The super PAC is spending $35 million in digital ads attacking Trump, and they’ve kicked off their efforts by playing up Trump’s Gonzalo Curiel fallout. Trump said the Curiel, a federal judge, isn’t capable of presiding over the Trump University case because of Curiel’s Mexican heritage. According to Politico, the 30-second clips are going to be on Facebook, Instagram, Pandora and elsewhere online. These ads will also target voters in Florida, Colorado and Nevada, three key swing states with sizable Latino populations.

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