This Spanish Mistranslation From The Olympics Is Strangely On Point

Credit: David A. Morán Bohórquez/ YouTube

Selfies, selfies everywhere!

The 2016 Rio Games kicked off with an opening ceremony speech from International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach, who’s German but was speaking in English (with a somewhat thick accent). He spoke about the need for our world to care for one another. “We live in a world where selfishness is gaining ground,” he said.

Unfortunately, that’s not what Luis Gutierrez Chourio heard when translating Bach’s speech in Spanish for Venezuelan TV station TVES. So what did he hear?

“We live in a world where the selfies are everywhere!”

Obviously, it’s not the same thing, but it kind of sort of is, though. Selfies, after all, are somewhat selfish, and if they weren’t everywhere before, they certainly should be after this hilarious lost in translation moment:

Credit: @hjcaraballo/Twitter

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