True Trash To Treasure Tinkerers


“The world sends us garbage, we send back music.”

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This couldn’t be more true in Cateura, Paraguay, a slum built on a landfill where the locals recycle the trash…but this isn’t your average recycling…

“A community like Cateura is not a place to have a violin, in fact, a violin here is worth more than a house here,” said Favio Chavez the director of the recycled orchestra.

The recycled orchestra is precisely that, an orchestra where the members perform with instruments made completely out of trash. “I never imagined myself building an instrument like this and I feel very happy when I see a kid playing a recycled violin,” said one of the residents.

The kids in the community are so enamored with their craft, that the can’t imagine it any other way. “My life would be worthless without music,” said one of the members of the orchestra. “When I listen to the sound of the violin, I feel butterflies in my stomach,” said another member. “It’s a feeling that I don’t know how to explain.”

Watch the video above to listen to the amazing orchestra.

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