This Skateboarding Bulldog from Peru Just Broke a World Record

Meet Otto the bulldog. He’s from Lima, Perú.

He’s not just ANY bulldog, though.

He’s a SKATEBOARDING bulldog.

Credit: BBC

Oh, it’s true.

Here he is breaking the Guinness World Record for “longest human tunnel travelled through by a dog on a skateboard.”

Here’s another angle of his record-breaking feat:

This guy was so impressed that he couldn’t even move after it was all over.

If you paid close attention, you probably noticed Otto do this:

Look familiar?

That’s right, Otto stuck out his paw and pushed to get a bit more speed. He knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.

He didn’t just get tossed on top of a skateboard and pushed downhill by some human.

After his ride, Otto celebrated with his owners…

And took some time to chill with fans.

Congrats, Otto! Take care of that certificate, OK?

Watch Otto’s record-breaking run:

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