This Shakira Song Is For All The Emotional Masochists Out There

Shakira never disappoints with her music videos, does she?

Just one day after winning two Latin GRAMMYs for her song “La Bicicleta” with Carlos Vives, Shakira set the music world on fire with another great duet. Shakira and fellow Colombian pop star Maluma released their music video for “Chantaje” and it already has more than 45 million views on YouTube. This song is the perfect anthem for anybody who has that one person they just can’t shake, no matter how much they want to. Both Shakira and Maluma express their enjoyment of being masochists and how they just can’t let each other go. It is very much along the lines of her 2014 steamy hit “Can’t Remember To Forget You” featuring Rihanna. Looks like Shakira, once again, made gold and so kindly shared it all with the world.

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