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This Sexist Article from 1933 Patronized THE Frida Kahlo

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In this day in age, no one would dare describe Frida Kahlo as a painter who “gleefully dabbled” on anything without some very serious backlash. But in 1933, at 26 years old, that’s exactly how she was described. Yes, THE Frida Kahlo.

The article title, “Wife of Master Mural Painter Gleefully Dabbles in Works of Art,” both glorifies Diego Rivera and patronizes Frida Kahlo in just a few words. While the article does acknowledge that Kahlo was a talented painter, saying that “the fact remains that she has acquired a very skillful and beautiful style,” it all goes to sh*t when it continues with, “painting in the small with miniature-like technique… far removed from the heroic figures of Rivera,” connoting lack of any serious skill.

“[W]hile her husband paints with large brushes on a huge wall surface,” the article continues, Kahlo is described as “a miniature-like little person with her long black braids wound demurely about her head and a foolish little ruffled apron over her black silk dress…”

Never mind that Kahlo is one of the most important painters to come out of Mexico and was a revolutionary feminist. The article’s writer certainly did not imagine Kahlo would become a style icon for the ages. Showed her.

Kahlo, being her amazing self, set the record straight with just one quote: Diego “does pretty well for a little boy, but I’m the big artist.” That’s right.

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11 Selena Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard, But We Swear Will Become Part Of Your Everyday Playlist


11 Selena Songs You Probably Haven’t Heard, But We Swear Will Become Part Of Your Everyday Playlist

Credit: canadalovesselena / Tumblr

We all know the classics like “Como la flor,” “Bidi bidi bom bom” and “Amor prohibido,” but our queen Selena had way more songs in her repertoire than just those three.

“La llamada”

CREDIT: emimusic / YOUTUBE

Sometimes you need tell your cheating ass boyfriend to stop calling you. Selena does that for you in this song, but of course, she makes it sound much prettier. This one goes out to all you CANALLAS!

“No me queda más”

CREDIT: emimusic / YOUTUBE

Sometimes you need a song that’ll get help you flush out the (little bit of) feelings you still have for the one who walked away. This one… this one goes straight to the heart. We can say it’s the equivalent of a Chente song.

“El chico del apartamento 512”


Enough with the sappy love songs about a crush that turns into a happily ever after. This song tells us Selena’s the real deal because she knows not every story ends up like a Taylor Swift song. Plus, it’s so cute how she perfectly describes all the jitters we feel when we see him — whether it’s reciprocated or not. Oh man, that guy from apartment 512… still makes our heart skip a beat!

“La carcacha”

CREDIT: emimusic / YOUTUBE

“Amor prohibido” is cute, but have you listened to “Lar carcacha”? And the video, giiiiirl, the video is so ’90s. Mullets, cheesy green screen graphics and random pythons floating around… But we’re living for everything, especially Selena’s shimmies.

“No debes jugar”

CREDIT: Selenito Cazares / YOUTUBE

No one knows how to call out a guy more beautifully than Selena. It’s like, dude, do you want me or not? Because I’m not staying around for your games.

“Baila esta cumbia”


There’s something about cumbias that just get us going. Plus, when Selena says “baila esta cumbia,” you say, “Yes, queen,” and you dance. Just one question, where do we get those pants and that belt?

“Fotos y recuerdos”


Warning: You’ll need tissues. This song was meant for an ex she misses, but ugh, screw that ex. Hearing this song will instantly make you think of her and how much you miss her. It’s one to cry to, but a good one.



Is it too late to start a petition to get this song on the radio? We seriously need to listen to this song more often… it’s so retro and catchy! #necesitotusbesitoscadanochecadadia

“Techno cumbia”

CREDIT: emimusic / YOUTUBE

Before there was EDM, before Bieber made house music cool again, even before tribal, there was Selena remixing cumbia and techno music. She even gave it a hint of reggae. When this song first came out, we didn’t give it enough credit… but we’ve come around!

“¿Qué creías?”


Selena didn’t sing rancheras very often, but when she did, she slayed! She put so much passion into it… why this isn’t a hit, we still don’t know.

“Enamorada de ti”


This one’s definitely not a cumbia, more 90s pop… we dig it. Makes us want to kick on our leather knee-high boots and slide around the kitchen like she does.

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