This Sexist Article from 1933 Patronized THE Frida Kahlo


In this day in age, no one would dare describe Frida Kahlo as a painter who “gleefully dabbled” on anything without some very serious backlash. But in 1933, at 26 years old, that’s exactly how she was described. Yes, THE Frida Kahlo.

The article title, “Wife of Master Mural Painter Gleefully Dabbles in Works of Art,” both glorifies Diego Rivera and patronizes Frida Kahlo in just a few words. While the article does acknowledge that Kahlo was a talented painter, saying that “the fact remains that she has acquired a very skillful and beautiful style,” it all goes to sh*t when it continues with, “painting in the small with miniature-like technique… far removed from the heroic figures of Rivera,” connoting lack of any serious skill.

“[W]hile her husband paints with large brushes on a huge wall surface,” the article continues, Kahlo is described as “a miniature-like little person with her long black braids wound demurely about her head and a foolish little ruffled apron over her black silk dress…”

Never mind that Kahlo is one of the most important painters to come out of Mexico and was a revolutionary feminist. The article’s writer certainly did not imagine Kahlo would become a style icon for the ages. Showed her.

Kahlo, being her amazing self, set the record straight with just one quote: Diego “does pretty well for a little boy, but I’m the big artist.” That’s right.

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