After Hiring A Latina Cast Member, “Saturday Night Live’ Has Hired A Latino Writer

The addition of Julio Torres to SNL’s writing team proves that it’s been an amazing week for Latinos over at Saturday Night Live.


First, the sketch show announced the addition of Melissa Villaseñor, their first Latina cast member in 42 seasons, and then they added the hilarious Salvadoran comedian Julio Torres to their writing team. SNL is just another feather in Julio’s cap. He has spent the last several years cutting his teeth in the New York comedy scene and already has an impressive resume under his belt. Aside from being a self-described “space prince” and a “telepath,” Julio has also been featured on Comedy Central’s “Comics To Watch,” and he was a performer at the prestigious “Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival” in 2015. While his brand of humor might be an acquired taste, one thing is for sure: THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE HIM, REALY LOVE HIM.

One of Julio’s greatest achievements came in 2015, when fans rallied to help him raise money for his visa.


The campaign on GoFundMe explained the situation to potential donors: “Julio Torres is a comedian, prince and telepath who needs your help to stay in the United States. Julio is… not from here. His current visa expires very, very soon and he needs $5,000 to cover all immigration-related expenses.” To plead his case, Torres created an absurd, but informative sketch called “Legalize Julio.” His gamble paid off. Within 13 hours, friends and fans raised the money, and then some, making it possible for Torres to stay in the country with an artist visa. We’re very excited to watch Julio’s work on this season of Saturday Night Live!

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