This Salsa Dancing Chinese Kid Will Give You All The Motivation You Need To Hit The Gym

CCTV+ / YouTube

This 9-year-old Chinese kid dancing salsa is eeeeeeeverything. The world CANNOT get enough of this little kid’s hip-swishing moves.

A 9-year-old boy from Luoyang, China has the whole world losing their collective minds over his determination to dance salsa.

Credit: People’s Daily 人民日报 / YouTube

Especially when you hear WHY he is taking salsa dance classes.

Credit: CCTV+ / YouTube

Like, major props little dude.

From the looks of it, kid is getting pretty good with his hips.

Credit: CCTV+ / YouTube


This little dude’s dedication to dance and fitness has us all like:

Credit: MotivaShian / YouTube

Because most mornings, it takes all our energy to just roll out of bed into our plate of pan dulce.

His smile proves that it’s always worth it to get up and move.

Credit: CCTV+ / YouTube

#Slay #IWantToBeHimWhenIGrowUp

Check out what he and his instructor have to say about his newfound Internet fame below!

Credit: CCTV+ / YouTube

Oh! You can also see some rehearsal material here. You won’t regret it.

Credit: People’s Daily 人民日报 / YouTube

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Things We Wished We Knew Before Our First Time


Things We Wished We Knew Before Our First Time

Credit: justinsebieber / Tumblr

There’s so much to know about sex that nobody freakin’ told us. If only we could go back in time we would tell ourselves…

Which parts go where.

giphy (3)
Credit: PLL / ABC Family / yourreactiongifs / Tumblr

Okay, we had an idea, but weren’t 100%.

Not everything our primas told us about sex was accurate.

Credit: welcometotennis / Tumblr

Gallons of cheap perfume is not a turn on. Oh, and girls can’t lose their virginity to a tampon.

It’s worth waiting for the right person and the right time.

Credit: Rocko’s Modern Life / Nickelodeon / rmlgifs / Tumblr

That awkward moment will always be waiting for you. Trust, it’s not going anywhere.

Foreplay is your friend.

Credit: fark / Tumblr

Lubrication makes the world go round.

The back of a carcacha isn’t where you’ll want to remember your first time.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 9.27.51 AM
Credit: @cassettetapehero / Instagram

Even if it seems cute because it reminded us of a Selena song.

You’re not a porn star… 

Credit: Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew / VH1 / ReatityTVGifs

Don’t try and pretend.


Credit: Funny Or Die / quandtaspasdeviesociale / Tumblr

It only lasts 2 minutes anyway.

Doing tequila shots isn’t the best way to prepare for the most special night of your life.

Credit: @oneillmats / Instagram

You’re going to want to remember everything about this night.

Always. Wear. A. Condom.

Credit: @soymichidiaz / Instagram

Sorry, no exceptions. You can definitely get pregnant your first time.

It’s okay to make eye contact.

Credit: luxuryera / Tumblr

You’re with your lover, not a mountain lion.

It’s fine if you orgasm right away.

giphy (1)
Credit: aubreysgifs / Tumblr

Or not at all.

You walk funny after. 

Credit: memegenerator.net

Just wait till you pee.

Don’t worry, it’s only uphill from here.

giphy (2)
Credit: heartsnmagic / Tumblr

People do this for fun, ya know.

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