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This Republican Leader Gave A Half-Assed Explanation For Donald Trump’s Taco Bowl Tweet

C-SPAN2 / Politico / @samsteinhp / Twitter

This was how Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus responded when asked about Donald Trump’s Cinco de Mayo tweet.

Credit: C-SPAN2 / Politico / @samsteinhp / Twitter


Wait. There’s no way that the leader of the RNC said, “He’s trying.”

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Let’s watch him answer the question again, just to make sure.

Credit: C-SPAN2 / Politico / Ryan Williams / YouTube

“I honestly think he understands that building and unifying and growing the party is the only way we’re going to win,” he continued.

OMFG. You have to be kidding. That can’t be his official answer…

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Sadly, they’re not kidding. Now that John Kasich and Ted Cruz are out, the Republican Party is left with Donald Trump as their presumptive nominee.

Credit: C-SPAN2 / Politico / Ryan Williams / YouTube

Just look at that face. ? That is the face of total and utter defeat, mis amigos.

Wasn’t the Republican party just trying to stop this madness like two months ago?

Credit: Parks & Rec / NBC / butterflybunnyunicorn / Tumblr

Now, all we can do is vote and vote hard to make sure we secure a good, safe, pro-Latino future.

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Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

The Same Dude Who Played Pablo Escobar Just Got Cast To Play Hugo Chávez


The Same Dude Who Played Pablo Escobar Just Got Cast To Play Hugo Chávez

Credit: @sabadoenlanochegv / Instagram

You probably wouldn’t recognize this dude out of character, right?

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Pues si…

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But you’ve seen him play Pablo Escobar in “El patrón del mal.”

Credit: El Patron Del Mal / Telemundo / tuneincarol / Tumblr

And just when that hype was starting to die out…

He’s just landed a gig as another Latin American antagonist.

Credit: @soyandresparra / Twitter

The Colombian actor will play Venezuela’s former president, Hugo Chávez, in the series “Huge Chávez: El Comandante.” This will be the first show to tell the story of Chávez, who was in power from 1999 until his dead on March 5, 2013. He died from colon cancer at 58, but his politics and rules live on in Venezuela.

The series is being produced by Sony and if his transformation is any indication of how good it’s going to be, we’re hooked.

Credit: @sabadoenlanochegv / Instagram

Because he gets into character!

Read more about this show here

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