This Racist Refused To Tip Their Latina Waitress

“We only tip citizens.”

This is the tip 18-year old Sadie Elledge – a server at Jess’ Lunch in Harrisonburg, Va. – received from a pair of racist customers she recently had the misfortune to serve. Though her parents are from Mexico and Honduras, Sadie is a citizen of the U.S. Not that it matters. Being brown isn’t a crime and its definitely not a good enough reason to refuse tipping someone.


Too bad you can’t pay bills with ignorance, otherwise Sadie would be able to buy a house with that tip.

Credit: WHSV

Not only were her customers racist, but they used their racism as an excuse to not tip, which makes them cheap racists. That’s way worse in my book. I’ve been a server before, and we rely on tips to make up for the fact that we rarely ever make a living wage off our base pay. In my mind, it’s basically a hate crime for these customers to deprive Sadie of income because of the color of her skin.

Friends and family have come out in Sadie’s defense.

John Elledge, Sadie’s grandfather, had a very specific message for the cheap, racist customer:


Credit: John Elledge / Facebook

Sadie’s boss had more restrained words for the customers.

“Coward is the word to describe what they did. I have worse words to use. But let’s go with coward,” Sadie’s boss, Angeliki Floros, told WHVS.

Social media also expressed a respectful level of outrage.

Credit: John Elledge / Facebook

For her part, Sadie has kept her head up, even though a lesser person – myself included – would have been justified in hurling atomic levels of shade at that customer.

“It makes me the stronger person to not let these things bother me because I know I’m a good person. I know that,” Elledge told WHSV.

A Valley restaurant server gets a nasty and racist surprise when she reads through a receipt left by customers. Tune in LIVE and hear what happened #WHSV

Posted by Isabel Rosales on Thursday, August 18, 2016

Adding, “Everybody needs to be more respectful […] I’m still a person, you should treat me with respect.”

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