This Politician Is Losing So Badly, He Put Out A Hilariously Racist Ad

Credit: Mike Pape For Congress/YouTube


Michael Pape is currently running for Kentucky’s first congressional district. Because he’s a Republican in Kentucky, it stands to reason that Pape would hold very strong views against immigration. These views served as the inspiration for Pape’s political ad, which is so racist and silly, it’s actually incredibly funny.

In the ad, we see three Mexican men cutting a hole into what we’re led to believe is the border wall. The three men aren’t coming into the United States for a chance of a better life. Nah, f*ck that. They’ve got bigger fish to fry, like stopping Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and yep, you guessed it, Mike Pape.

So a couple of things. Does Pape know that the border wall isn’t actually made out of a chain link fence? Also, where and how did those three Mexicans learn about the race for Kentucky’s first congressional district. Oh, and those shirts! They look like the kind of shirts teams who lose the Super Bowl dump in Central America. But the biggest takeaway from this video is this: If Mike Pape really cared about securing the border, why in the hell did he let three Mexicans come into the United States when he was literally standing there!

James Comer, who’s also running for Kentucky’s first congressional district as a Republican, has the answer.

“I mean, he’s way behind in the polls,” Cormer told local news outlet WPSD. “I’m sure he’s going to try and throw a lot of Hail Marys over the final three weeks.”

Lol. Pape is so desperate for votes he can’t even do racism right.

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