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This Proud Latina Is One Of The Greatest College Softball Players Of All Time

Sierra Romero / Instagram and Big 10 Network

This is Sierra Romero, a standout softball player from the University of Michigan.

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Take a closer look at her glove. You’ll notice she’s customized it with a Mexican flag to honor her roots.

Credit: Big Ten Network / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Big Ten Network / YouTube

Romero is aware there aren’t many Latinas playing Division I college softball, and she hopes to inspire young Latinas to follow her footsteps.

“It’s cool to be one of the few Mexican women in Division I and, you know, representing for Mexicans,” said Romero to the Big Ten Network.

Romero recently graduated, but she’ll go down as one of the greatest players in Michigan softball history.

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The 22-year-old was an All-American EVERY YEAR — freshman to senior year — she played at Michigan.

Credit: Big 10 Network / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Big 10 Network / YouTube

If you don’t follow sports, “All-American” basically means Romero was one of the best players in her position in the whole country.

Her former coach, Carol Sue Hutchins, says Romero is one of the best to ever do it.

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“She’s gonna go down as arguably the best player, not just at the University of Michigan, but in NCAA history,” said Hutchins to the Big 10 Network.

During her senior year, Romero batted .465 and hit 19 home runs.

Credit: Big 10 Network / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Big 10 Network / YouTube

The shortstop, who is known for her power, holds the NCAA record for grand slams (11).

Credit: Big 10 Network / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: Big 10 Network / YouTube

Romero also holds the NCAA record for runs (3o0)

Romero credits her father, Michael, for inspiring to pick up a bat.

Michael Romero played in a baseball league in Tjiuana, Mexico and he says Sierra was always there to watch him play. After seeing her father hit a homerun, Sierra says she told her mother, “I want to hit homeruns like that.”

Sierra’s father may have inspired her to play softball, but he says she’s a lot like her mother.

“Sierra is kind of like the life of the party; she’s a lot like my wife,” said Michael Romero to the Detroit Free Press.

Michael Romero, whose family is based in Murrieta, California, also hopes his daughter can inspire Latino parents to let their kids live far from home to pursue their dreams.

Romero, who was named 2016 College Softball Player of the Year, led Michigan to the final 8 at this year’s Division I College Softball Championship.

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Romero’s team was eliminated by the eventual champions, Oklahoma. Sierra knows the team well — her sister, Sydney, is a freshman third baseman for the Sooners.

WIN THE DAMN THING SYD❤️ I love you and I wish I could be there but I'll be watching?

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Now that Romero’s college career is in the books, she’s moved on to other goals. She’s now playing pro ball for the USSSA Florida Pride…

Same game different uniform❤️⚾️✊? #GoPride

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And she’s already gotten off to a good start.

Credit: Florida Pride / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: Florida Pride / Facebook

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